Together we can improve our work environment. By pressing green or red we will find a way!

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The ideal work environment


Nissan has been measuring and improving its work environment with their Celpax device for 55 days.

How’s it going?

Gabriela Guzma told us a bit:

What experiments have you tried so far to improve the work environment? 

Nissan, Recursos Humanos Gabriela Guzman

Our Celpax is right beside our biometric access control terminal, to make it easy for employees to participate. Anonymously and voluntarily!

Once the “warm-up” period was over, we got an Employee Satisfaction percentage to start working with.

For starters, we designed materials where our Nissan employees could leave their own suggestions, comments, and concerns.

This gave us a head start to obtain more green workdays.

“The first project is free coffee. We will verify the data to see if there have been any positive changes”

Results for real time employee mood

Healthy vending machines in the workplace

The first project we’re carrying out is a free coffee machine for our employees.

We’re also looking into healthier food in the vending machine.

Once each project is launched, we will check the result from the green and red feedback buttons.

We can then quickly check the data and verify if there were any positive changes in the employee mood.

This is the first phase.

Our objective is to work as a team together with the other departments and create continuous improvement initiatives.

What have you learned so far?

The massive importance of communication!

And how to lead with the scepticism of a lot of coworkers.

This kind of project needs continuous followup.

If you want to be successful, it’s important to keep your employees updated with the results and with the work carried out to improve the work environment.

These changes could go unnoticed if you don’t communicate them to your team.

Or you don’t explain that this happened thanks to the Celpax project.

The initial challenge was not so much to get green days, but to get our employees involved and participating.

A fundamental part of this is simply to get people to feel informed.

To feel that we ARE listening to them and acting!

Nissan work satisfaction to create a good work environment for employees

What effects have you noticed?

At Nissan we used to measure the work environment with a survey every quarter or year.

The data used to create this report was very generic.

This was also what I explained to our Nissan employees when we started using the Celpax device.

It’s not the same to apply a measurement and send a survey on a Monday or a Friday, there will be biases.

With this project, we got the opportunity to measure the work environment on a daily basis and in real time.

We have to take into account other work aspects, but the upcoming changes are meant to happen in a short time span.

The experimental factor is very important in this process.

Using Trial and Error we will know what we are doing right, so we can keep doing it.

And if there’s something we’re doing wrong, test other actions.



work climate Nissan

A Nissan employee answers “How was your day?” This question gives you a baseline of how your people feel


Have you learned something you didn’t know before?

The project was received differently, depending on the area where people work.

The first device was located in the Corporate Building of our company, where administrative and technical personnel work together.

We wanted everyone to join and participate.

But generally speaking, for us, it first had the greatest impact in the admin area due to the location of the Celpax.

To reach the technical staff we had to think of different methods.

Since they don’t use email, we need a more direct way to communicate.

We want people to understand that by participating they can make a difference.

And that their opinion matters to us.


Employee morale KPI Dashboard

An example of the dashboard where the Nissan employee mood is displayed

Who did you involve in the project to improve the work environment?

We worked closely with our marketing team.

Thanks to this, we came up with new ideas on how to launch and deploy our project.

Working alongside them really helped us see things from a different point of view and come up with other types of plans for our personnel.

As our goal was to have the whole building participating, we realized we needed to establish a new type of relationship.

Thanks to them, a new character inspired by the Nissan’s V Motion line was created.

The main idea was to personalize the results, make them familiar and easy to relate to.

We came up with the name “Eco” for our device.

Because just as it sounds, it will repeat, reflect and show us how our day was.

We also made a real doll which will change color – red or green – depending on the results we get!



Employee mood dolls in red and green

Have you compared the results with other KPIs? (Key Performance Indicators)

Our objective is to compare the mood results with our productivity.

We need more participation from our technical staff, so we’re working on a plan where the main objective is to improve their involvement.

Then, after adding the results from all the Celpax devices, we’ll also get data from the Sales departament for example, to correlate with sales numbers or revenue.


What does ideal work environment mean? What is your ideal work environment?

What has changed since you installed the Celpax?

The biggest change is the continuous search for improvement. Getting more green days is a daily goal.

Inviting everyone to be part of this process has made it even more powerful.

What Celpax brings is a baseline to start working and getting tangible results.

If you don’t have any data and you apply variables, you won’t have any references to analyze the impact of your actions.

“The biggest change is the continuous search to improve the work environment

Tell ECO how you feel.

Find the notepads like in the image that are placed on all floors of the corporate building.

Share your suggestions, ideas and comments in the box located right beside the access control terminal.

All ideas are welcome!


daily feedback from nissan workers on their wellbeing at work   improve work environment suggestions


We like the simplicity

Another nice thing about this is the simplicity of the Celpax feedback machine.

It’s easy to link it to any initiative!

When you present the device or when you talk to people about how it was received, ending with a “Have a green day” will make the connection.

What comments have you received from your colleagues?

Has something changed?

The Celpax device has created great expectations among all of us.

Not only thanks to its innovative method but also because it helps establish continuous changes and aims to involve everyone.

Comments are unavoidable as you create an internal communication line where you normalize the color of the day.

I recently passed by some colleagues’ desks and they told me “today my colleague made my day red“, among laughter.

And that’s what it’s all about!

To create a habit of expressing how we feel at work, and keep it up.

Any other findings that could be of interest to others?

The variables that influence whether an employee has a green or red day are interesting.

The value of this device is that it doesn’t use an adjective when it comes to rating your day, it gives you a color!

And that color can represent whatever you want.

A red day for some is synonymous with anger, for others it may be sadness.

Using that as a starting point, working to get more green days starts from another point of view.

A more personal one.



The Celpaxers send our best regards to Gabriela Guzman and the rest of her team, in Nissan Bolivia/ Taiyo Motors.

If you also want to start working towards your ideal work environment, check out the Celpax device.

Measure if your leadership actions are working!


Smiley feedback terminal Celpax

Standard cover

Workplace improvement

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