A transparent work environment at DHL: Your opinion is important to me

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What defines a transparent work environment?


A transparent work environment at DHL


Every now and then I find businesses that stand out as “conversational companies”.

Work sites where people speak directly with each other, without complexity. Where there is a natural interest in listening, including to things which they may not want to hear.

The other day Juan Melero Pizarro, Warehouse director at DHL, shared the evolution of his work climate on Linkedin.

Through trust, a transparent work environment, open communication, and collaboration, his team has come a long way together.

Check out the progression of his Employment Morale rating:

Real-time data warehouse


DHL employee morale dashboard

One of his contacts asked him to explain in more detail about the success of this evolution in his warehouse. His response was:

“The key was to follow the commitment that I promised my team a few years ago, right down to the letter. Not to mention a bit of coaching and striving to improve every single day”

In his own words, Juan’s list of commitments is as follows:


My commitment:

1. We are a team. Team interests / goals will always prevail over my own.

2. It has been, is, and always will be my absolute priority to try to avoid staff turnover. I will do everything possible to achieve that end.

3. Relationships between team members should be based on trust, transparency, open communication, and collaboration. It will be my mission to ensure this is always the case.

4. When the work results are satisfactory, the team will always be given merit. If, on the contrary, results are not satisfactory, only one person will be responsible: Myself.

5. Work, effort, commitment, and the desire to improve are the only valid indexes for the individual evaluation of team members.

6. Training is the most powerful tool for professional improvement. I will do everything within my power to ensure that our training plans continue.

Juan Melero Pizarro, DHL, Director Almacén

7. I will continue to deepen our delegation processes; experience along with training will be the base of our professional improvement.

8. I’m obsessed with fairness. Constructive criticism is not just allowed, it’s actually necessary. My door is always open.

9. I will not quit, nor will I give up fighting for us to become a model department within the company in all respects.

10. As the head of the department, I will defend any team member who is in the right with all means at my disposal; whenever, wherever, no matter what time. I’m always available for the team, 24/7.


A company is only worth what its employees are worth

DHL panel de trabajo con el equipo

Here, Juan tells us more about how they achieve continuous improvement in the warehouse:


“I have included all DHL shift and department supervisors in the continuous improvement project.

It is fundamental for our team, for the type of work we do, to try to improve our work climate. This way we can develop our work in the best possible way.

So what has changed since we began using the Celpax?

The basics; we now have a reliable tool to get statistics.

We can evaluate the effect of operational or other decisions that have been made, almost real time.

We started holding specific meetings with supervisors to assess any deviation of the Employee Mood KPI. Meanwhile, the director of Portugal has implemented this tool in his country too”.

Una empresa vale lo que valen sus empleados

Working at DHL

Did you see the text above, next to the Celpax device, at the DHL warehouse?

It reads “Your opinion is important to me”.

A good start to get more candidates to want to go working at DHL:)

Would you like to have a continuous Employment Mood KPI to see if your improvement efforts have had the desired effect?



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Smiley feedback terminal Celpax

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Workplace improvement

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