National Nurses Week – Make it a happy one!

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Happy Nursing Week!

Hey, Nursing Week is coming up!

At Celpax we’d like to send a big Thank You to this hard-working and dedicated group of people.

You nurses simply rock.

Employee morale is down and nurse burnout is rising among nurses as many are left vulnerable to COVID-19.

So we figured we would send some love your way to celebrate National Nurses Week.

A day in the life of a nurse

As a society, we face some pretty big challenges in tackling the health and wellbeing of the population.

Not just during Covid.

Nurses play a key role in delivering health care.

From talking to our users we’ve learned that every single shift can be as reenergizing as tiring.

A day in the life of a nurse can be pretty hectic. With, or without Covid-19.

What are the blockers in the day-to-day of nurses?

Stress? Safety gear? Bullying? Understaffed? Hourly contracts? A bad nursing manager? Strange rules?

Bad pay? Not feeling safe? Too few hours? Too many?

What do nurses need?

A day in the life of a nurse, like in any profession, has its ups and downs.

One day you’re happy waking up going to work, the next day you can’t wait for the mega stressful shift to be over.

At times it’s just that you need a break. But sometimes it’s more than that. How do you spot signs of burnout?

Self-reflection at the end of the nursing shift helps increase self-awareness and ease anxiety.

What made your workday green?

And what triggers you to press red?

Who do you need to talk to for that to change?

National Nurses Day – A green one?

Simple HR


Let’s imagine that yesterday was National Nurses day and you were working.

How was your day?

Was it a tough, red, work shift? Or a good, green, shift?

Ask your healthcare workers to rate their workday using the Celpax device. Then use honest conversations to find out what makes your nurses press green (and red!).

The data on the dashboard will confirm if the actions you take improve the nursing work environment.

Are you getting more green as the weeks go by?

How is this quarter compared to last?

Or how is the mood at the night shift lately?

You can then cross-check the employee mood with other KPIs like

  • Patient Wait Time
  • Absenteeism
  • Staff-To-Patient Ratio
  • Room Turnover
  • Staff Turnover
  • Etc.


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Measuring employee engagementHappy Nursing Week!


What needs to change for more to press green at the end of the shift?

Here’s Robyn at Baylor Scott & White Health, whose nurse engagement levels are really inspiring.

One of her Nurses Week themes was crazy sock day!

She actually managed to get 100% green on each day during the Nurses Week.

P.S. It’s not often we see these high levels.

Communication is more important than ever.

“We had daily announcements, over-communicated information, and held what we called a Daily Engagement. The Daily Engagement was a formal, daily conversation with our leadership and the clinical CNSs so we could disseminate any new information.”, said Julie DeVaney, CNS at UC San Diego Health.



Improve your nursing work environment

Nurse wellbeing has ‘direct impact’ on patient care.

A study explained in the book “Compassionomics” shows that a short 40-second display of compassion accelerates patient healing.

Let’s go back to that figure.

40 seconds.

How many patients do you meet on a normal workday?

Knowing that a simple act of showing compassion and understanding has such a massive impact on your patients’ health, how can you put that into play in your hospital or care center?

What other small, simple and positive habits can you adopt to show your patients that you care?

Or in your personal life?

Happy Nursing Week

Nursing week is celebrated annually and takes place every May.

It coincides with the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

The goal is to raise awareness. So both to get more people to see it as a career option, and also to raise awareness about the fantastic job that nurses do.

But the right leadership is also required for a good workday in the life of a nurse.

If you have strong leaders that truly are there for their teams, your nurses will perform that much better, and FEEL so much better at work.

A manager that truly knows them and makes sure to provide the necessary tools and resources to be the best nurses they possible can.


Discount code

Who is leading the way in nursing these days, to make sure fellow nurses are OK at work?

While caregivers can start with a Celpax at just €5 per month, that device comes with a standard image template.

We figured that one way for us to say thanks to all great nurses is to add a free design.

So if you sign up for a Celpax during National Nurses Week, we will design your cover using your background image.

It could be a photo of your nursing team, hospital, etc.

Make every day a nurse appreciation day!

Just use the code #NursesWeek when signing up.


Happy Nurse week



Mental health at work

With the Covid pandemic, a lot of things have changed.

Mental health for health care workers is more important than ever.

We would love to help and send you a Celpax device if you think it would be useful for you and your nursing team.

It will help measure if the actions you take help improve your nursing work environment. 

Do your weekly meetings or social events boost morale at work as intended?

Is the Lunch Roulette effective at work?

It’s quite common to see differences between day and night shifts too.

“It was a lifesaver for me as a Manager to have the Celpax”, says Nursing Manager at Baylor Scott & White Health, Robyn.

She uses Respect, Involvement, and Empathy as cornerstones in her leadership at her Texan hospital.

We hope we can help improve nursing engagement, worldwide.

Make every day a nurse appreciation day :)

By the way, here’s the American Nurses Association’s toolkit for national nurses week. Which hey, is celebrated on a monthly basis now throughout May: Nurses Month.

A week simply wasn’t enough so why not expand it to the full month of May?

Happy national nurses week!



Interested in creating a better nursing work environment?

 During National Nurses Week you can use a photo of your nurses or caregiver team at no extra cost.

Smiley feedback terminal Celpax

Boost morale at work with HR data

hr metrics dashboard

Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, co-owner at Celpax. We use simple tech tools to measure and create a great nursing work environment so you can keep your talent. And build a better society while at it! Let us know on Twitter how you celebrate National Nurses Week?


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