National Nurses Week is here – Make it a happy one!

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Happy National Nurses Week

Hey, National Nurses Week is here!

At Celpax we’d like to send a big Thank You to this hard working and dedicated group of people.

You simply rock.

So we figured we would send some love your way to celebrate National Nurses week.

National Nurses Day – A green one?

Simple HR

Yesterday was National Nurses day. How was your day?

Was it a tough, red, workshift? Or a good, green, shift?

Ask people to rate their workday using the Celpax device. Then use honest conversations to find out what makes your nurses press green (and red!).

The data on the dashboard will confirm if the actions you take improve the nursing work environment. Are you getting more green as the weeks go by?


Measuring employee engagement

What needs to change for more to press green at the end of the shift?

Here’s Robyn at Baylor Scott & White Health, who’s nurse engagement levels are really inspiring. (P.S. It’s not often we see these high levels.)

Happy nurse week – 100% off!

While your 1st Celpax is always free, that comes with a standard image template.

We figured that one way for us to say thanks to all great nurses is to add a free design, worth $55.

So if you sign up for a Celpax during the National Nurses Week, we will design your cover using your background image. It could be a photo of your nursing team, hospital, etc. Make every day a nurse appreciation day!

Just use the code #NursesWeek2018 when signing up.



Happy Nurse week

A day in the life of a nurse

As a society we face some pretty big challenges in tackling the health and wellbeing of the population. Nurses play a key role in delivering health care.

From talking to our users we’ve learnt that every single shift can be as reenergizing as tiring. A day in the life of a nurse can be pretty hectic.

What are the blockers in their day to day? Stress? Bullying? Understaffed? Strange rules? Not feeling safe? Too few hours? Too many?

A day in the life of a nurse, like in any profession, has its ups and downs. One day you’re happy waking up going to work, the next day you can’t wait for the mega stressful shift to be over.

At times it’s just that you need a break. But sometimes it’s more than that. How do you spot signs of burnout? Self reflection at the end of the nursing shift helps increase self-awareness and ease anxiety.

What made your workday green? And what triggers you to press red?

Who do you need to talk to for that to change?

Nurse Appreciation Week

Improve your nursing work environment

We would love to send you a free Celpax device. It will help measure that the actions you take help improve your nursing work environment. 

Do your weekly meetings or social events boost morale at work as intended? It’s quite common to see differences between day and night shifts too.

“It was a life saver for me as a Manager to have the Celpax”, says Nursing Manager Robyn. She uses Respect, Involvement, and Empathy as cornerstones in her leadership at the Texan hospital.

We hope we can help improve nursing engagement, worldwide.

Make every day a nurse appreciation day :) By the way, here’s the American Nurses Association’s toolkit for the national nurses week.

Happy national nurses week!


Interested in creating a better nursing work environment? Try a Celpax, your 1st is free! During National Nurses Week we’ll also let you use your photo of your nurses at no extra cost.

Boost morale at work with HR data


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Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, co-owner at Celpax. We use simple tech tools to measure and create a great nursing work environment so you can keep your talent. And build a better society while at it! Let us know on Twitter how you celebrate National Nurses Week?
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