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  • A fun way to improve employee mood
  • Talk about what makes employees press green
  • Improve what makes employees press red :)

Improve employee morale with a celpaxDashboard employee mood KPI

Your 1st Celpax is free

  • No credit card. No monthly fee. Cancel anytime.
  • Free courier delivery
  • Analytics and Email reports included
  • Community Forum support
  • Chose between 13 template images
  • Free as long as you’re an active user
  • Optional: Services to help you improve faster 

Measure employee mood with a Celpax, employee satisfaction index

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“Instead of yearly insights, we continuously try to steer in the right direction”
Employee engagement at Unilever


Improve employee morale

“It’s the conversations as much as the smiley buttons. These conversations wouldn’t have happened otherwise.”

CEO, Bespoke, UK



PS. We have connectivity in 98% of the world.

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Nice customers in 60 countries: Celpax customers include Huawei and Unilever

Featured in: Celpax device featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, TNTL HR