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Employee Morale Articles & Case Studies

Examples of leaders who drive organizational change and improve employee morale with the Celpax device:

Employee morale articles and case studies

Employee Morale articles from Celpax customers

  • How McDonald’s use Celpax to support Change Management
  • 91% leave work having had a good day here. Is it Google? Facebook? Take a guess.
  • Employee Morale on the Balanced Scorecard – 1 year later (Zerorez part 3)
  • Unilever: Now we know what makes employees press red (part 2)
  • “How we transformed our metal coatings business – using fun” (Surface Technology part 1)
  • “We detect trends in advance and act to keep our employee engagement high
  • “Why do we need to work on our company culture if everyone’s already so happy?”
  • “Our data showed that social activities make our employees happy – now we do more!”
  • “I helped a large UK company install mood meters



  • TLNT features the DailyPulse employee mood button


  • How to best use real-time employee mood results
  • Our goal is for you to TALK with your employees


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  • Support Center with email templates, posters, FAQ’s, how to install, etc



balanced scorecard for measuring company performance


Smiley feedback terminal Celpax

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