Agile HR: Measure, Talk, Improve. Repeat!

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Agile HR

Agile has been widely used in software development for many years.

Now Agile HR is on the rise as business leaders realize the potential in continuous workplace improvement to increase employee morale (to get greater productivity and profitability).

It’s rewarding to see that so many companies understand the benefits of getting a regular pulse on their employee morale. This is the basics of Agile HR. Why?

Because if you don’t know what your baseline or current state looks like, how will you know if you’re improving? Once you implement your strategy and key initiatives, how are you going to measure the impact on your workforce?

How are you going to know if you’re wasting your time? (And money.)

You need actionable analytics.

Measure, talk, improve. Repeat!

If you have a metric showing the baseline of how your employees feel in your office or factory, you can easily see what is working and what’s not even on a daily basis.

Yesterday’s team building?

With a daily Employee Mood KPI (Key Performance Indicator) you know what results to expect on a normal day. I.e. 71% feel good at work. Now imagine that your team was 20% below your happiness baseline after yesterday’s “funny” team building.

What went wrong?

Pick 4 random employees you bump into in the corridor and ask them individually what they think their colleagues thought about the event.

Asking people to give an opinion about what others though instead of putting them on the spot, means you have a higher chance of getting good, honest feedback.

And our data shows that (meaningful) face-to-face conversations are THE fastest way to improve employee morale.

Pulse survey to detect mood trends among employees

A neutral and fact based number around employee morale jump-starts conversations with employees.

As you converse and reach conclusions, you can act fast and continuously.

Agile HR: A never-ending effort

So what do you need to change and improve for the next team building? Or should you try something else instead?

If it didn’t work it doesn’t matter, you didn’t lose anything, and you move on to try the next thing.

Experimenting is cheap if you do it yourself!

You just measure, talk, improve and repeat.

Agile HR, team building events

With a Do-It-Yourself methodology you don’t have to rely on consultants and go through the traditional project steps of getting feedback, designing changes, implementing, etc. that easily take 6 months.

Because meanwhile, colleagues are still annoyed by what doesn’t get fixed.

What is it that needs to be fixed in your work culture? Your people already know!

You could have tried fixing ten things in the same period as the traditional approach took you, and avoided paying 30K to a consultant.

Agile HR transforms the way we build great workplaces

Agile Methodologies and Analytics have already transformed many corporate areas; from the way we build new products to how we engage customers.

Fail fast and get rapid feedback.

Now Agile HR is transforming the way we build great workplaces.

Making small changes instead of large-scale projects, you can faster create a great workplace for you and your colleagues.

So off you go – Measure, talk, improve, repeat :)


Interested in Agile HR?

Measure if your leadership actions are working.

Get a survey kiosk.


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