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5 Ideas to Improve Employee Well-being and Be Eco-Friendly at the Same Time

Greener days are here with 5 ways to be more eco-friendly in the office and improve employee well-being. 1.) Offer ‘Work from Home’ Days One of our users, Levi, found that offering the option to work from home helped his team feel more engaged and happier at work. After implementing work from home days in […]

Empowering Employees for Green Button Days

What does empowering employees look like and how does it effect happiness? Being micromanaged isn’t fun. If you’re like me (or pretty much any other human), the ‘helicopter boss’ that circles you constantly, is frustrating and stressful. Having autonomy makes me feel more in control of my work and my space. I feel empowered to […]

Increase Employee Engagement by Communicating the Right Questions

Don’t just talk- communicate by asking the right questions that get and keep employees excited! Getting your first free Celpax device is exciting! In fact, because of that excitement, we usually see a huge spike in pulses for the first few days. We get it! Pressing buttons is satisfying, seeing the result lights is fun […]

65 Countries are Having Greener Days with the Celpax!

It was just over a year ago when we announced that our Celpax reach had broadened to 55 countries worldwide and now we’re back with another big announcement! We’ve hit 65 countries across the globe! And the most exciting part? Our 65th country is also another milestone for us. It’s our first Celpax in Uganda! […]

When is it time to quit your job?

When do you know that it’s time to quit your job? It’s International Quit Your Crappy Day Job Day and while we’re all about workplace improvement, we also recognize that sometimes you need to quit your job. Celpax is a tool for managers to measure and improve employee morale, but it’s also a tool to […]

What Makes a Happy Workplace?

Happy International Day of Happiness! The United Nations declared March 20th (today!) International Day of Happiness. And, pun intended, we couldn’t be happier about that. Obviously, we’re all about happiness and spreading green button vibes here at Celpax so this day is one that we’re celebrating. To coincide with International Day of Happiness, the UN also […]

Continuous Improvement in the Workplace with the Random Act of Happy You Might Be Ignoring

Or, as we like to put it: Measure. Improve. Repeat! We recently discussed how random acts of happy can help improve employee morale over time. These small ideas can have big effects when continuously implemented. We wanted to highlight one of the random acts of happy. It’s one of the easiest and most effective practices but […]