Blog: A device to improve employee mood

Employee Engagement Idea: Easy way to bring back conversations

Bring back conversations in the workplace with this simple employee engagement idea. Looking for an easy employee engagement idea? We found a quick way to involve staff in the workplace and start creating conversations around happiness and mood- not just between management but also employees themselves. In world of tweets, DMs and texts that consist […]

3 Steps to Relaunch Your Celpax and Increase Employee Engagement

With major changes, it’s easy for employee engagement efforts to fall off the radar. We’ve talked before about how just because employees are pressing the green smiley button, and you’re seeing positive mood results, it doesn’t mean your work is done forever! Workplaces are constantly changing because, after all, employees are humans and not robots! Like […]

‘By sharing our daily work struggles, they become solvable’

We recently had a Dutch scrum master install our device to improve employee morale. We’ve previously written about how our users make sure their transition to an agile work culture is successful – for real. They strongly feel it’s necessary to transform the whole company. These leaders take a step back and see how the culture in their […]

Increase Productivity with this Lifehack

When you increase productivity, it can help you have green button days. One of things we hear from employees whose companies have installed the Celpax device is, “I’m happy when I feel productive” or, “I’m happy when I get everything I’ve needed to get done, done”. Personally, when I increase my productivity and cross off those […]

How This Company Launched Their HR Metrics Tool

Get started on improving workplace happiness by measuring with HR metrics tools. One company installed the Celpax device for a daily pulse on how employees felt. This is how they launched their HR tech tool. Each workplace is unique which means the “best” way to launch the Celpax in each workplace will be a little […]

Don’t Jump to Conclusions When it Comes to Employee Engagement!

Uncover what’s really going on, don’t just jump to conclusions! One of the things we’ve heard (from multiple users) is that when workplaces are going through changes, whether it’s the possibility of an impending merger or moving offices, employee mood and engagement results can get rocky. This was the case for Levi, a user from […]

Is Partying the Key to Increasing Workplace Happiness?

Alcohol and drug-free raves- the newest way to increase productivity and happiness at work? When I think of raves, I think of bright lights, loud techno music and some (illegal) substances that let dancers go all night well into the early hours of the morning. However, at the growing movement of sober raves, meaning no alcohol […]