How to improve employee morale

…get inspired by how others experiment to get stuff right :)

Respect, Involvement and Empathy. A Nurse Manager’s prescription to 90% green

Nurse Engagement: When things “suck” at work, are you the first one to admit it? Meet Robyn, a Nurse Manager who’s knows how to show that she cares about her employees. …and data backs that she runs an exceptionally good work site (top 5%). At Celpax we have found an interesting thing in our real […]

All staff meeting: I could hardly sit down, yet it was the best I attended

All staff meeting ideas Some things at work make me happier than others. I love it when companies get all their colleagues into the same room. All staff employee meetings are a great opportunity to make your company better. I love it when leaders show employees you are there for them. When they make sure you’re all on the […]

Your opinion is important to me: A company is only worth what its employees are worth.

Every now and then I find businesses that stand out as “conversational companies”. Work sites where people speak directly with each other, without complexity. Where there is a natural interest in listening, including to things which they may not want to hear. The other day Juan Melero Pizarro, Warehouse director at DHL, shared the evolution of his work climate on Linkedin. Through trust, […]

Together we can improve our work environment. By pressing green or red we will find a way!

Nissan has been measuring and improving its working environment with their Celpax device for 55 days. How’s it going? Gabriela Guzman, HR, told us a bit: Our Celpax is right beside our biometric access control terminal, to make it easy for employees to participate. Anonymously and voluntarily! Once the “warm-up” period was over, we got an […]

Hello Turkey! Let’s create more awesome workplaces together

How was your day? That’s the question in Turkish above, to be answered by the employees at Turknet as they head home after their workdays. Then the fun begins! What changes can you make to change people’s attitudes and perceptions, so they press the green button instead of the red? What is that makes them press green? And how would […]

8 Things about Celpax to Help You Improve Employee Satisfaction

It’s an HR metrics tool that lets you monitor employee satisfaction by asking a simple question; “How was your day?”. You are able to take a pulse on the workplace mood and gauge whether or not employees are satisfied. You measure, talk with your people, improve… and repeat. However, there’s more to your HR metrics tool […]

What this CEO says about work-life balance might make you want to press red

How much do you value work-life balance? How important is it to you? Does work-life balance factor into where you choose to work? Or whether or not you stay in a position or with a company? If you believe that work-life balance is integral to the company culture and in improving workplace happiness, this memo […]

Employee Engagement Idea: Easy way to bring back conversations

Bring back conversations in the workplace with this simple employee engagement idea. Looking for an easy employee engagement idea? We found a quick way to involve staff in the workplace and start creating conversations around happiness and mood- not just between management but also employees themselves. In world of tweets, DMs and texts that consist […]

Nope, HR Tech Can’t Replace Face-To-Face Chat

Is added technology the magic solution to get more people engaged at work? I recently had an interesting chat with Mark Frary, a technology writer with eight published books, around this topic. If you picked up The Times in the UK the other day you might have seen Mark’s thoughts in the Employee Engagement and Benefits […]