Blog: A device to improve employee mood

HR can be simple – 5 questions answered

I felt a bit like I was swearing in church the other day when answering Peter Wald’s questions over at the HRM blog. Peter Wald, a German Professor of HR Management at the Leipzig University, interviews HR leaders and asks the tough questions. We talked about our mixed emotions regarding the industry; chatted about why HR […]

We involve our staff in everything. They make the right decisions.

Remember DEK Technologies and their agile way of working at all levels – from engineers to HR? Magnus, their CEO and Frida, HR, recently spoke about their agile transformation in a Podcast over at Swedish Good, Better, Agile: From working agile as part of a team to becoming an agile organisation. They talk about what the […]

Start creating a workplace that people love [Webinar]

Some managers dive in and sign up for a free Celpax directly. Others use our Support portal to get answers. But we know that some are left with questions that might stop them from pressing the “Send me a free unit” button. Perhaps that’s you? This is a quick step by step guide for you to […]

Tea & Talk: solutions to improve teacher’s morale

Guest blog from the wellbeing team at South Hampstead High School in the UK: Teacher wellbeing ideas The main purpose of schools is providing an opportunity for children to develop their own capacity for personal achievement and contributing to society as active citizens for democracy. These children are guided through the process by their teachers and therefore […]

The Celpaxers wish you 365 green button days for 2017!

OK, OK, I’m exaggerating. It probably isn’t even desirable to press green 365 days of the year. Actually, it would probably be illegal to even be at work that much. But it’s a nice vision right, walking out from work every day aiming for that green smiley? If you’re reading this, you probably contributed to our success Perhaps […]

Employee Mood Meter: One company’s experience

I helped a large nationalised UK company install a series of mood meters. The organisation has 28,000 employees and the part we worked with was concerned with infrastructure planning and building. In a non-descript office block in Victoria London 300 people toiled in project teams to help deliver improvements for part of the UK’s transport […]