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The story behind the Celpaxers

At Celpax we know what drives a company – the employees!

We’re on a mission to make it as easy as possible for leaders to create a better workplace.

And for all employees to participate in improving their workplace.

How the Celpax device was born


At Celpax we recognise that it can be challenging to stay on top of your employees in today’s fast-paced working world.

How can you minimize the risk of your top talent crossing over to competitors?

How do you know if the money spent on employee improvements gets a return on investment?

Are your improvements actually working?

And how do you get continuous feedback as to how your people are feeling at work?

We heard all about these problems when we interviewed 100+ award-winning leaders in Europe and the US.

This is how the concept of the Celpax device was born.

We asked questions again and again to various people at all levels in the organization:

CEOs, Directors, HR, Team Leaders, Consultants, etc. from companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500.

What we discovered

Many leaders simply felt they lacked up-to-date insights into their workforce, their people.

They said traditional feedback systems and employee surveys had them acting on problems too late.

Most companies would say employees are their ‘greatest assets’, but few said they find these assets easy to measure.

How can leaders easily put a finger on what’s working or not working within the organisation?

The best employees look for the best workplaces

Companies measure sales, value chains etc, daily.

How come they don’t measure what happens with their employees on a daily basis?

They’re their biggest asset!

The best employees look for the best workplaces.

Make sure you’re geared up to keep, motivate and attract talent.

We believe something is changing in the workplace

Celpax is a for-profit committed to driving positive social impact.

We hope our Celpax device with its simple, user-friendly, engaging approach, will help you make it a part of your culture to reflect, analyze and improve your workplace every single day.

Go be awesome!

Love from the Celpaxers


PS. Curious about why we’re called Celpax?


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