Improve Workplace Morale With a Celpax

  • Verify leadership actions. Are you getting more green?
  • Team leaders talk about how to get more green – and what red to fix

Smiley feedback terminal Celpax



€5 per month

  • Max 1 device/ company in this plan
  • Analytics and Weekly email report included
  • Standard cover
  • Credit card
  • Cancel anytime

Prices Celpax smiley device


Smiley feedback terminal Celpax



Not included in the MINI plan

You decide if you get these – or not:

  • Use your own image and logo on your Celpax
  • Check differences between departments or worksites
  • Day & Night Shift reports
  • Support: Use our Forum & Help Center instead
  • Sessions to analyze the data together & decide on actions

Need more devices? Or help to use the data?

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The free is now Celpax MINI

After 7 years, our connectivity provider suddenly charged us x3. Ouch!

This, plus managers who order and don’t install, means we had to stop the free plan.

However, we’re still committed to being affordable.

So we launched the Mini plan, to help leaders get started :)

Celpax reviews

“Once SAP went live everyone was unhappy.

We realized we had to do refresher trainings and our Mood KPI went up again”


Philip Shum, McDonalds

McDonalds change management Philip Shum



PS. Need to convince your coworkers? 

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