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When getting additional Celpax devices:

  • To include all coworkers in your improvements, the ergonomics should be = 1 Celpax at every exit point
  • Compare departments, offices, factories…
  • No waiting list
  • Use an image of your employees or products + branding
  • Forum support and Help center
  • Shipping, Dashboard, Maintenance, Analytics & Email reports


No risk thanks to our 90-days money-back guarantee


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90 days money back guarantee when you measure employee mood with Daily Pulse

PRICE PER MONTH (per Celpax device)

Your 1st Celpax is free. The price for your 2nd is:

    • Monthly Autopay
    • €47,5
    • -5% discount
    • Buy Now!
    • 1 year Prepay
    • €45
    • -10% discount
    • Buy Now!
    • 2 years Prepay
    • €42
    • -15% discount
    • Buy Now!
  • Price example: If you order two devices your 1st is free, so you pay €50 monthly. If you prepay one year, you pay €45 per month.

Get in touch for more discounts (up to 60%) if you’re…

  • Looking for +5 Celpax devices
  • A small business owner
  • Living in these countries
  • An NGO


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  • Need the pricing in US dollars or another currency? Get in touch or get an idea here :) 

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VAT excluded where applicable.

Nice customers in 60 countries: Celpax customers include Huawei and Unilever

Featured in: Celpax device featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, TNTL HR