Speaking Engagements

Looking for a speaker for your next corporate event?

Speaker Engagements Rebecca Lundin, Celpax

Speaker Engagements Rebecca Lundin, Co-founder

Our co-founder Rebecca Lundin and other Celpaxers are regularly invited to speak at conferences, events, panels and facilitate webinars.

We love sharing our ideas and experiences from measuring real-time employee morale in 60 countries.

Examples of topics within leadership, data and AI:

  • Why measure employee morale daily?
  • The power of a baseline of how your people feel at work
  • Using data to verify if your workplace improvements work (or not!)
  • Artificial Intelligence and teamwork

We use both leadership and HR perspectives.

A great workplace is everyone’s job!


And during Covid-19?

As travels are disrupted worldwide, we’re staying digital for now!

During Covid-19, we offer remote speaking engagements.

It’s not as fun, but hey, it works pretty well after all.


Previous speaking engagements

Our previous speaking engagements include Leadership Conferences, ThinkTank events, HR conferences (HR tech), keynotes at universities, etc.

We also frequently give in-house talks, workshops and kick-off events at companies.



Our speaking engagements are offered in English, Spanish and Swedish.

Don’t let Rebecca convince you she can do it in German (she can’t :) )



Please get in touch if you’d like someone from Celpax to speak at your next event, class or conference.



  • If you are a member of the press, check out our Media Room where you’ll find images and other resources.

About Celpax

At Celpax we create simple tech tools to help leaders improve workplaces.

We want more people to wake up in the morning and feel good about going to work.

Our Celpax device continuously measures how your people feel at work.

Leaders in 60 countries verify the impact of their leadership actions, day after day.