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What others say about our Celpax device

We love the nice things that people say about us.

We figured we would share some reviews, etc :)

Forbes mentions Celpax

Employee engagement tools

Times of India gauge employee mood

“The beauty was that we were able to act upon a problem even before any employee could bring it up as a concern”

Abhishek Johri, Agile coach, Prowareness



I’m very grateful for the data you’ve been giving us. Initially, we had no faith in this information. But as we have been advancing we have seen we have a lot to do with our staff” User, USA




  Linkedin post to announce Singa's agila methods to improve work morale


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I must admit that I am truly fond of Celpax.

The device tracks employee mood with just one simple question every day: “How was your day?”

It is easy, convenient and results are instant.
Meetu Khanduja


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