Get ongoing employee feedback with a kiosk survey

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Survey kiosks for employees are gaining popularity:


Survey Kiosks to get Employee Feedback


Are you trying to validate progress towards a high-performance company?

Here’s an intro to survey kiosks with emojis. Get real-time data!


Why do companies want to capture employee feedback?

Well, in order to improve of course.

Creating a better workplace means you have to understand how to best improve.

You need to understand your workers and what drives staff satisfaction. Particularly with employee mental health being a challenge due to COVID.

How do you know that the changes you introduce, actually work?

Did the new shift manager get a good start the first month with her team?

Do the monthly all-staff meetings boost employee mood?

Or do they have the opposite effect?

When is it time to try something new to boost morale?


What are the advantages of a kiosk?

Yearly surveys with questionnaires have been around for years.

They are slowly losing importance in today’s fast-paced management world.

So it’s interesting to see that many companies hang on to the same mindset of something that hasn’t worked for years.

I.e. yearly surveys haven’t managed to improve employee engagement levels.

Yet, the new trend is to do the same with survey kiosks, tablets and apps.

But the idea isn’t to distribute the yearly survey and send a different question every week using a survey kiosk. Or an app.

You obtain a faster response to your questionnaire, even real-time, yes.

But using the same feedback method just means that in the end, you end up with the same result.

With new technology comes the possibility to be more agile.

First off, to improve things at work, your employees need to change their behaviour.

Secondly, managers have to make CHANGES for this to change.

And the Celpax survey kiosk will show you if these changes are working.

The advantages?

No email to check, no app to open, or link to click.



How does a survey kiosk work?

Popular survey kiosks options include iPads, android tablets and touch screens.

You also got survey stands, touch-less versions, etc.

There are also mobile apps and employee dedicated gadgets like the Celpax device.

The latter is a lightweight survey kiosk with strong double-sided tape at the back.

As it’s battery-driven, it’s easy to hang on the nearest wall to the workplace exit door.

You then plug in the transmitter in the same room, or a bit further away, and they auto-connect. Voila! No messy setup.

Most managers are up and running in 3-10 minutes. And that is without any intervention from the IT department.

When staff finish their shift, they simply tap a green or red smiley button to answer How was your day?

As a gamification mechanism, an approximation of the team result is shown on the device. But only after you press.

So you have to participate and press yourself, in order to see how your teammates are doing.


Checking the feedback results

Managers can then follow the progress online on the dashboard, available 24/7. No software installation is required.

Your managers just login online to check the survey feedback.

As you always measure the same variable (how was your day?) the software provides you with a baseline.

Next, you can see what happens on days when you divert from that baseline.

What made yesterday so green? Or last month so red?

Our survey kiosk is 100% designed for employee feedback. This is what our DNA is made of.

We let other providers handle customer surveys :)


Survey kiosk solution



What’s the price?

The price for a survey kiosk like Happy or Not, Surveystands, Smiley Answers or Quicktap survey varies greatly.

Some companies don’t publish the feedback cost for their kiosk solutions. Others focus on customers or mobile apps only.

The price also depends on if you already have screens or an iPad, and just want the software from the provider. Many prices are based on a rental mode.

The cost of the Celpax survey kiosk is based on simplicity.

Wanna get started with employee feedback straight away?

Go for the Mini plan. The price is 5 euros per month.

Wanna customize the faceplate? Go ahead and use an image of your employees, use your company branding, etc.

Prices start from 24 euros per month.

For those who need many devices and need to keep the costs down, the Enterprise plan starts at a price of €200.

The survey kiosk cost also depends on if you would like software support with live chat, etc.

Additionally, there also regional discounts as we are social venture.

We have worldwide connectivity and have signups from +70 countries.

Among our customers are big brands like BASF, food giants like McDonald’s, and Unilever and transport companies like DHL.

But we also have many small customers and from all sectors.

What unites them?

The will to continuously improve with our kiosks.



How do customers use the feedback data?

A solution like a survey kiosk needs active support from operations.

They are the ones who decide who does what in your business. You should base the survey kiosk on actions to be efficient.

It doesn’t matter which solution or kiosk you use. The survey solution needs to trigger an “action mode” internally.

Why measure if you’re not gonna do anything with the survey result?

Many of our customers have started with delegating it to HR to be the driver.

Most managers quickly realize that it’s the day-to-day that matters when it comes to engaging your employees.

That can’t be an HR only thing.

You need your team leaders on board.

The goal is to trigger behavioural change.

As an example, when you download an app to lose weight – you need to do more sports. Eat healthier.

You then measure progress on the app. Is it working?

Are you sticking with your changes and going for more walks? Secondly, did this translate into losing weight, 3 months later?

In the case of employee engagement, how do you trigger positive change?

There is a big problem when you ask for feedback using kiosks for every single area in your business.

Simply put:

Surveys kill workplace conversations.



Conversations based on survey results

In short, few employees feel more motivated by anonymously answering a new weekly questionnaire.

It doesn’t matter if it’s on a device, a survey kiosk or a screen.

Us humans are motivated by people. By interacting with other coworkers.

Our data shows that the best managers regularly sit down with their employees. They prioritize to talk about how things are going. THAT is how you connect with your team.

Likewise, this is also where your managers can use simplicity as a go-to strategy.

Grab a simple sheet together with your team. Then have a chat and write down the stuff that makes people press the green smiley button.

Carve out some time in the agenda to make sure you make MORE of these things!

Similarly, the teams should also list the red feedback.

What is that needs to be changed in your workplace culture, and in the day-to-day?

Safety measures? For the team to get to know each other better? Start with weekly meetings or daily team huddles? Was it negative customer feedback that impacted the team last week?

Consequently, you can then check back with your team leads, keeping it simple:

Firstly, what green and red feedback have you learned about?

Secondly, what have they identified that needs to be fixed?

In the beginning, the actual feedback plays a secondary role.

It’s more important that these conversations actually happen.

Once you’ve established the trust, you can move on to actively making changes.


Satisfaction survey results discussed among the team

Continuous improvement

For many managers, it’s a big step to start as they are used to giving orders.

They’re not used to ask for feedback on how their employees feel at work.

This is where HR has a crucial support role to play.

Especially when you launch the kiosk surveys. In short, that is when your managers will need the most support.

Similarly, many managers have told us how they appreciate the neutral green and red smiley concept.

It’s a support that helps them break the ice and use impartial language as you refer to the survey kiosk results.

The survey software sends an automated weekly email. This way it’s easier to get a healthy rhythm for managers to have rich conversations with their staff.

Lastly, many check the dashboard screen during their weekly meeting. 

Track the progress together!

Depending on if your people are happy or not, you might want to increase the meeting frequency.

And of course, put more time and effort into getting more employees to tap the green smiley.


What does the employee data look like?

The data set will of course depends on which survey provider and kiosk solution you go for.

Many apps are similar in the way the software presents feedback results. You need to think about what is most important for your company.

Here are some examples of the data you can extract from the Celpax kiosk survey:


  • The leaving time (or shift) that your employees are MOST happy.
  • The leaving time (or shift) that your employees are LEAST happy.



Shift workers analytics from the kiosk survey



Some companies have a strong red reaction when people leave late. Others, when the production line is haltered. Or when you experiment with new shift hours.


  • The happiest day of the week
  • The unhappiest day of the week
  • The result per device, location…


Feedback kiosk, get data in real-time

You can zoom in to check the questionnaire result from a:

  • day
  • week
  • month
  • quarter
  • year
  • …etc

Some companies like in the logistics sector have a strong seasonal effect.

You can then compare how this year’s Christmas season is going compared to last year’s.

Is the stress taking a bigger toll on employee engagement? Did hiring more temp workers fix it?

Many managers also go into a creative mode and cross-check the kiosk survey results with other KPI’s.

It could be customer feedback, productivity, customer service levels, sales or customer KPI’s.

Some do this by only using a basic excel sheet.

You can check the data from various devices on the same dashboard.

This lets you spot interesting data from the surveys like “which department contributed mostly to the 9% increase in employee mood last quarter?”.

Or within the group, which company is the greenest? Get them to share how they adapt your company’s people strategy :)

You can also use the API to share the survey results on screens and billboards at your business facilities.

This way you can highlight correlations to customer feedback, for example.

Lastly, you can also compare the survey kiosk result with similar companies, sectors, regions, etc.

What solutions are you thinking about giving a spin?

Use the live chat on your screen and we can help you if you have any questions!

Or just sign up and start measuring the impact of your leadership actions.


Get employee feedback with one powerful question. 

Measure the impact of your leadership activities:



Smiley feedback terminal Celpax

Standard cover Dashboard prices

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