Satisfaction faces: What type of companies uses these for real-time employee feedback?

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Today we’re talking smiley satisfaction faces!

Who uses satisfaction faces to know if employees are happy or not?

Some companies launch a weekly SurveyMonkey poll.

Others build an in-house mood app or an employee engagement platform.

Others get our Celpax terminal with satisfaction faces, to know if their employees are happy or not :)

Since we launched our free program, I have seen pretty much all kinds of workplaces hanging up a Celpax to measure employee morale.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The big, the small… well, you get it.

There is a crazy spread!



What do the managers have in common?

The majority of leaders that sign up for the green and red satisfaction faces are in an operational position or HR.

But we see the whole range.

From CEO’s that want anonymous data to how her or his people feel at work, down to employees on the shop floor that want to bring positive change to their work life.

We get many leaders who apply (or want to start working with) continuous improvement. And agile, lean, etc.  of course.

The ones that are in a leadership role, we call them “the managers who care”.

Because we’ve learned that it’s more down to a first enthusiastic manager than to the company if our approach to “Measure, Talk, Improve, Repeat!” is to work.

We love it when people use the people data to get the conversations about wellbeing going!


What do the 60 countries have in common?

Depending on the country, our userbase varies. The smileys look the same though!

In the US we’re seeing great things within the healthcare sector.

If I change career I want to be on Robyn’s team where there’s great nurse engagement)

There’s also plenty from the food sector and manufacturing.

Ah! And call centers.

In neighbouring Canada, we’ve had a nice mix of mining, manufacturing and financial (the latter thanks to Angela at Prime Capital who started back in 2016).


In the Netherlands, our biggest sector is definitely software companies, with an agile approach.

The second largest is logistics.

The automotive sector is strong in Mexico, followed by food. This is also the Spanish-speaking country with the most signups.

Followed by, well Spain, where many users are within the gaming and transportation sector. And quite a few factory workers.

And here’s an example from the automotive sector in Bolivia, where Nissan is improving their work environment with satisfaction faces.



The manufacturing sector is also our biggest in Germany, where they use the question “Wie war dein Tag?”. Satisfaction faces GermanyHere’s Unilever telling their story.

And here’s BASF, a chemical producer in neighbouring Belgium.

Our biggest install base of the mood meter in Europe however, you will find in (drumroll…) the UK.

After being featured in the Times of India, we have a strong position in the IT sector and telecommunications. Companies like Vistaprint being the biggest Indian exception.

The most remote is probably one of our Nigerian sites, where we gave DHL (who has an extraordinary high Celpax result in their warehouse thanks to their transparent work environment) a challenge to deliver the Celpax satisfaction faces on time.

There are also some exotic and intriguing workplaces that use the Celpax smiley faces like churches, circuses, and poultry plants.

And just to brag about our home country Sweden, we have many companies reaching remarkable results:




Smiley faces poll for employees


Here’s the Finax bakery where they sure know how to have a good day at work.

Or consulting firm DEK with their Agile HR and CEO in action (Swedes are pretty bad at bragging, all managers at these sites always always give the credits to the team. And the power to make decisions too!).

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How long do companies measure for?

The workplace that has measured the longest has collected 3400 days.

Their employees have told them +25.000 times how their workdays went.

Hence, they’ll be celebrating 9 years of real-time employee morale data soon.

They were our 12th company to ever install during our beta testing, so hold a special place in the hearts of the Celpaxers :)

Smiley satisfaction faces

Press a smiley as you leave work to give feedback


And the company that has measured for the shortest, well they installed yesterday in Hong Kong

We definitely see all sectors and sizes too: Private, Public, Startups

We’ve installed at big Fortune 50 companies and small family-run companies with 10 people.

The satisfaction faces system works everywhere, as long as you’re prepared to DO something with the results, i.e. try to fix what makes people press red.


So do employees tend to be happy, or not?

What kind of level of job satisfaction of employees do companies get?

All sorts!

Unsurprisingly the result is related to if you DO something to make sure your people are happy or not.

The lowest Employee Morale level we’ve seen is 5% green (we call it the Employee Mood KPI, it’s the average of all the green pulses in the last 30 days).

Only a handful have a result this low though.

Our Mood KPI averages are between 60-77% green, depending on if it’s a blue-collar environment, or white-collar, which country you look at, etc.

I am also secretly working on a beer index, as we happen to have several beer manufacturers in Europe :)

Less than 4% of our user companies manage to stay above 90% green.

Notice the emphasis to stay above 90%? We do see more than 4% of workplaces reach more than 90% green temporary.


Satisfaction faces feedback conclusion

So among our users, we have both ‘Worst place to work’ that use our satisfaction faces tool and tips so they can improve, and ‘Best place to work‘ that impress us with their amazing company cultures.

Lastly, they are spread out in 60 countries, from all sectors and sizes :)


What would your Employee Mood KPI be?

Get started with our satisfaction faces and find out if your employees are happy or not with via the Celpax smiley faces.


Smiley feedback terminal Celpax


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Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHejsan! I’m Rebecca, co-owner at Celpax. We use simple tech tools to measure and create a great work environment. And build a better society while at it! Interested in our satisfaction faces? Are your employees happy or not? Let’s chat on Twitter.

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