Companies measure customer satisfaction frequently. But how are their employees?

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Companies measure customer satisfaction. And what else?

Many companies measure customer satisfaction frequently. Cecilia Gannedahl, Senior advisor Communication & Change, takes a look at current trends.

I read a comment by Carolina af Ugglas, head of Equities at Skandia, where she talked about the internal atmosphere at the time when Skandia became a symbol of cheating and greed.

She mentioned that many employees were berated and criticized when they told people where they worked.

Some employees even removed the company logos from clothes and bags so as not to be associated with the company.

Metrics to measure customer satisfaction

I think that it is a telling example and yet very scary.

But with the knowledge we have today, we know that you can rebuild trust.

When dissatisfaction grows internally it seeps out externally and becomes very expensive for the company owners. Our experiences, good as bad, can today get around this within seconds.

The old coffee room has become a giant social forum where you continuously share with others and express your likes.



measure customer satisfaction

Companies measure customer satisfaction.. and employee engagement

In a market with increasing competition and changing preferences, it’s vital to keep up with what your clients think about you and to what extent your employees recommend you to others.

It’s a challenge to always keep your ear to the ground and to take the temperature both internally and externally.

And therefore all the tools that are available to measure employee engagement and customer satisfaction are important.

Customer satisfaction rating

Companies increasingly measure customer satisfaction.

A few months ago, when I arrived at Heathrow Airport after flying with British Airways, I was asked to share how my flight was by pressing a red or a green button.

It may not give the whole picture but it felt like an easy way to check on the customers’ satisfaction, and that way quickly intercept possible dissatisfaction.

I’m sure there are other alternatives to the more traditional customer surveys.

Employee surveys can give good qualitative results but also be blunt and slow

Within companies and organisations there are many ways to listen and learn.

The more classical employee surveys can give good qualitative results but also be blunt and slow.

A faster device to measure employee mood that I like is the Daily Pulse. Even here a simple green or red button where you share how your workday was.

But before it turns completely red and the company logos are stripped by disengaged employees, the problems can hopefully be picked up and dealt with – and you can steer in the right direction.

Companies measure customer satisfaction regularly.

Many could do with frequently asking their employees how they feel too.

And then act to improve employee engagement.




Measure if your leadership actions are working.

Get a survey kiosk.


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Cecilia Gannedahl, Communication & Change advisorCecilia Gannedahl uses communication combined with entrepreneurship to achieve business success and create strong corporate cultures. She has extensive experience in senior management positions like at IKEA. One common denominator for all assignments is Change Management.  



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