Real time customer feedback is trending – but how are your employees today?

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The real time fever has hit the customer service department. What about HR?

There’s a fast growing trend in the market where companies find out in real time how their customers rate the service received. Companies install big kiosks where people indicate their happiness level.

These machines offer an easy way to get instant feedback from customers.

Numerous airports, super markets and hotels are getting daily insights while connecting with customers.

The feedback is then available through online dashboards, helping companies spot trends, get actionable insights and make better decisions.


But hey, what about your employees?

Our solution at Celpax is similar, but with three major differences:

  1. Daily Pulse is extremely inexpensive in comparison
  2. The small device is easily installed in 3 minutes
  3. We give insights to how your employees are doing, continuously

Show your employees that their voice matters!

Satisfaction smileys

Happy employees leads to happier customers

By showing your employees that you care about their reactions to what happens in the workplace and focusing on getting your employees more engaged on an ongoing basis, you also raise the chances of your customers being loyal and satisfied with your product or service.

When asking for – and reacting to – your employees’ feeeback, it will be very obvious that your company cares.

Real-time feedback systems mean you get indications to fix things in time, before issues blow up.

As it is completely anonymous, your coworkers give honest feedback.

It’s an easy way to make sure your coworkers vent at work, and not on :)


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For leaders that are DOERS.


Measure Employee Engagement


The Celpax data shows if your improvements are working:



1. Employees press green or red to answer “How was your day?” when the shift ends


2. The online dashboard shows daily, weekly and monthly results


3. Fix something red! Check the data to see if it worked :)

Kiosk employee engagement


What makes people press red?


Fix it.