Mood Metrics: Track employee satisfaction

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Mood Metrics: How to capture work vibes

We we’re recently featured in TechAcute, here’s a sneak peak:

When you own a company one of the most important things you need to take care of is keeping your team happy, as that is surely crucial.

As long as your employees are happy in regards to their duties, the workplace and the salaries, they will surely enjoy it.

Track employee satisfaction

This is why being able to track the satisfaction rate of your staff is surely very important, but while in theory this is a very good idea, no one thought about a way to implement this in real life, until now.

Celpax provides a kiosk survey, created to track employee satisfaction in the easiest way so business owners can understand team engagement and company mood.

It’s an easy way to track if the improvement that managers apply… actually have an effect or not.

DailyPulse dashboard - Mood Metrics in the workplace

Daily Pulse is a great tool for leaders and the HR department as it allows them to find out what employees think about the work environment and how they can improve it.

The benefits a company can have from it are tremendous, and immediately covers the expenses, which is impressive.

That being said, this device will surely become very popular as more and more companies are starting to use it.

Head over to read the rest at the great TechAcute.

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Curious about continuous workplace improvement? Grab a Celpax, a device to measure employee mood in real-time.

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