Nurse Engagement: Respect, Involvement and Empathy. A Nurse Leader’s prescription to 90% green

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Today we’re talking nurse engagement at a US hospital:


Nurse Engagement at its finest:

When things “suck” at work, are you the first one to admit it? Meet Robyn, a Nurse Manager who knows how to show that she cares about her employees.

…and data backs that she runs an exceptionally good worksite (top 5%).

At Celpax we have found an interesting thing in our real-time employee mood data.

It’s related to conversations.

Our data shows that the workplaces that bounce back up the quickest after a crisis, re-organization, etc., have managers that take the time to regularly have face-to-face time with their people.

They have a healthy rhythm where they are interested in how people feel at work, and talk about it.

Their employees don’t have a problem in raising their voice when they see something they’re not happy with in the workplace.

My favourite part? 

Many of these managers don’t even realize how GOOD leaders they are :)

For them, it’s just something… well, normal.

What makes a person an effective leader?

At Celpax we see less than ~4% of workplaces being able to stay above a Mood KPI of 90% green.

Wanna meet a leader who knows how to keep morale high?

Here’s Robin M. Figueroa, a Nurse Manager explaining what she calls her “simple solution” to keeping her people satisfied at work. She’s nailing nurse engagement so let’s have a look:

Respect, Involvement, and Empathy

Robyn Figueroa, Baylor Scott & White Health

“Having been in the healthcare environment for 24 years, 19 of those years in the Emergency Department, and all as a Registered Nurse at the bedside (meaning hands-on care with patients) I have discovered a simple solution:


My team at Baylor Scott & White Health is very small, and we have just combined the clerical to push the Green/Red button so we are talking about 27 people.

Not sure my stats will live up to above 90% green nurse engagement after this week of adding an additional group.

Relax! Have a laugh or two

I am a “people” person, so by nature, it is easy to identify with my staff. I am slightly goofy and am the first to admit when things “suck” at work.

So placing myself in their shoes and walking a mile in their footsteps has helped me identify with my staff.  I set a positive example in the workplace.

Also, my staff likes constant communication by doing a face-to-face session with everyone at work daily, and using a Huddle Board.

So being around daily, helps my staff understand that I am in this with them.

My motto is life is too short to be serious all the time.

So relax and have a laugh or two!

Letting my staff know a little about me has also allowed them to know that I too am like them, that I back them up when things get to them.

Improving Nurse Engagement: No Tolerance Policy

I have also had my staff tell me that they actually like when I held a staff meeting and laid down the rules.

I am very clear when it comes to employee absenteeism, staff tardiness, and proper work attire.

My expectations of professional behavior and a NO TOLERANCE policy to Workplace Violence, and Bullying.

Perhaps this is what is working to get so much green from our nurses?

But I also do not take things for granted because I know all too well how dynamic healthcare is in the United States. I’m just glad to have a paycheck.

It was a lifesaver for me as a Manager to have the Celpax.

Nurse Engagement

But wait a minute, what happened to the group extension?

Improving Nurse Engagement

Improving Nurse Engagement

Looking at Robyn’s data, she was right in predicting that the employee mood would go down as they added new people. 

However, it only took them 16 days to get back up to 90% green.

That’s nailing nurse engagement!

Did she do something special? Of course she did. She’s a doer!

“We’re working on team-building exercises. They seem to be well received as we’re up”, she concluded. 

Staff morale trends weekly monthly nurses

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