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Simple! Feedback smiley faces

“A smiley system for employees to rate their workdays? …aha, like a smiley machine!”

This is a common reply when I explain how we measure employee morale. 

simple smiley face

Simple smiley face


A smiley feedback button for employees to rate their workdays

The Celpax is a device that hangs at the exit door. When employees leave for the day they answer “How was your day?” by pressing either the green or red button.

After they press, they are shown how their colleagues felt at work that day. The long term results of this daily habit are displayed on the online dashboard.

Smiley system, simple employee feedback

The happy and sad smiley faces from the emoji survey are translated to data charts on your dashboard

A happy, and a sad smiley face

By using a simple, anonymous, employee feedback system leaders can determine how in touch they are with the team.

And of course when needed – take regular action to improve employee engagement. Our users keep it simple:

What makes people press green? Do more of it.

What makes people press red? Ask how employees think it can be fixed. And invite them to be part of fixing it.

Emoji survey: It’s less about the number, and more about where you’re heading

The emoji survey gives you a baseline.

With a tangible number as the basis (i.e. 75% of our employees press green on a typical day), it’s easier to sit down with your employees to talk about how things are going.

Is the leadership team pushing in the right direction? Are your employees with you?

When you organize an event to boost morale, is it worth continue doing? Or do you need to do more activities? Or other types

As the smiley feedback system gives you a baseline of how your people feel, you can check the impact of your All-Hands meetings, weekly team meeting, etc.

If your expected result is 75% green, how many smiley faces did you get the day of your meeting? More? Less?

It’s less about the absolute number and more about continuously improving at work. Step by step.

Triggers meaningful conversations at work

Having the feedback smiley faces at your work site is an incentive for employees to self-evaluate and take notice of their work environment – what if you press the red emoji 5 days in a row?

Share what’s going on inside you!

We consistently hear that our Celpax acts as a kickstarter that triggers conversations that brings out what needs to be fixed in your work culture. 

Transparency helps you develop, and work towards an open work culture.

Having a neutral People KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that you regularly share with your team, means you can all work towards a better workplace, together.


“Employees simply hit the green or red button heading out of the office, factory, warehouse, call center…”


Since we launched we have seen an increasingly adoption of smiley happy face buttons and smiley tools at retail stores, airports, etc.

This is all great for strategies to obtain customer feedback.

At Celpax we remain faithful to our Purpose: Engage the global workforce. We focus on employee satisfaction only.

One smiley feedback button at a time :)

Like the idea of a simple smiley face button to get feedback from your employees? Join the leaders from 60 countries who have signed up to get 1 Celpax device for free.  Smiley buttons feedback risk free :)

Get 1 free Mood box to measure employee mood in your company

Improve employee morale with a celpaxDashboard employee mood

Rebecca Lundin, Celpax Engagement SolutionsHej! I’m Rebecca, an accidental number lover, co-owner at Celpax, and convinced that a great workplace is everyone’s job. Interested in our free simple smiley face button? Say hi on twitter.
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