Boost morale at work with People Data: Waffle Fridays

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Boost Morale at work: Use data to verify the impact of activities

When you try to boost morale at work, how do you know it’s worth doing?

Here’s Avitech, backing up their Waffle Fridays with people data:

Every Friday, the office smells extra good at Avitech Bratislava.

If you stick your head into the kitchen, you will find a small group of colleagues.

They have all volunteered to buy ingredients and bake waffles for their 60 colleagues.

It’s breakfast time!

“Waffle Fridays happen every week. It lets us do something for our coworkers without having any expectations or any kind of reward”, says Branislav Klco, Managing Director.

“It simply makes relations better here in our office.”



Fun office activities to Boost Morale


Waffle Fridays is one of many creative and fun activities to boost morale we’ve heard here at Celpax.

It’s an easy breakfast for a group of employees. A chance to show that your company cares.

But it’s not just about what you do, but also how you do it. And who does it.

What might work at one company, might not fly at another.

Branislav feels that their weekly activity helps improves social texture and boost morale at work.

So together we analyzed their daily employee morale data.

In short, would the data back their statement?


easy waffles recipe office potluck


So do the staff like their Waffle Fridays? Does it boost morale? Let’s look at the data


As the coworkers daily press the red or green Celpax button, answering “How was your day?”, Avitech have a baseline showing how people typically feel: 60-70% normally press green.

Lately, their tech workers’ morale has been recovering from some organizational changes.

In the chart below you can see the employee engagement history for each day of the week, during the last 90 days:

employee engagement history

Sentiment analysis case study: see how they get more positive feedback in the workplace on Fridays?

This graph shows that Fridays are greener at Avitech.

In fact, the sentiment in the last 90 days is 10% greener on Fridays.

The people analytics seems to suggest that people do like the waffles they get from their colleagues each Friday!



People Data: How does the sentiment analysis evolve over time?


office breakfast ideas for work


It might be a good idea to use people analytics to monitor if the activity is wearing off or not.

At some point the Waffle Friday would have to be improved, complemented, replaced, etc…

The baseline from the people data analytics can show you the way to when it’s time to change to another activity to boost morale:

HR Analytics

People Analytics comparing Fridays to all other workdays

In this chart we see that the company is quickly recovering from some recent changes:

“I started asking why our staff mood was trending down so quickly”, says Branislav.

“I promised our people that if they proposed feedback and gave indications to management, then we would start investigating. From then it started going up and the employee retention rate got better”, he says.

Nice job!



But hang on, aren’t people just happier cause its Friday?

Avitech Tech workers use HR data

Is it the waffles making the Fridays better, or are people just happier because it’s Friday?

Good question!

Maybe people just enjoy the fact that it’s Friday and the staff morale would be greener regardless of the yummy waffle activity?

Branislav cross-checked their people data with the Celpax employee engagement index.

It’s based on offices, where people also usually work Monday to Friday (European index, excluding blue-collar sites).

This is what he found out about how staff feel leaving their workplace on Fridays:

employee engagement index european

Employee engagement index

Happy Friday at work?


And yes, turns out there is a Friday effect!

People enjoy their Fridays at work more at the other Europea offices too, but the difference seems to be smaller.

Oh, and you’re probably also noticing how the end of the year took a toll on the staff morale in the offices across Europe.

Also, notice how Avitech is on a reversed trend, go Avitech!



Fridays’ Impact on the Employee Mood KPI


The next step was to take the Mood KPI from Fridays at Avitech and subtract the Mood KPI for the other days of the week.

So say goodbye to the data from Monday to Thursday.

This way you can analyze the actual gap between the two datasets, and see the evolution in the people data analytics over time.


Here are Avitech’s figures:


change impact analysis

Happy Friday at work


office breakfast ideas for work

Fun Fridays at work ideas



Now let’s have a look at the other offices.

Thus, here’s the Celpax European employee engagement index:

employee satisfaction index european

Friday at work, employee satisfaction index

Voila! Say hello to the Waffle Friday effect


We can see how Avitech’s Friday impact is much higher (ranging + 5 – 10%) than the impact of Fridays in other European offices (ranging + 0-4%) in the employee satisfaction index.

So the staff morale in European offices is typically 3% higher on Fridays, simply because it’s Friday.

Guess people are excited about hitting the weekend :)

But at Avitech we’re talking 10 % higher employee sentiment thanks to their Waffle Fridays.

So the office just doesn’t smell good on Fridays. It FEELS good too.

Perhaps so good their talent will add another year to their employee tenure? Or two or three!

PS. Applying advanced analytics to their management decisions, their Mood KPI today is 76% green.

Got other fun office activities to boost morale for Avitech?

Or other Fun Fridays at work ideas to compare with?

Let us know!

DIY: Boost morale at work with Daily Employee Engagement Data


Do people like the things you do to boost morale at work? Measure morale with our Celpax survey kiosk and get data-driven decision making (no need to be a Data Analyst :)  


Smiley feedback terminal Celpax


Fun office activities to Boost Morale at work: Using data to verify the impact

hr metrics dashboard

Want us to do a sentiment analysis of your events? Or have a tip for things to do to motivate employees? Or learn how to improve team morale? Get in touch!

Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, co-owner at Celpax. We use simple tech tools and a data-driven approach to measure and boost morale at work. And build a better society while at it!

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