Measuring employee engagement “Thursdays are our worst day”

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Measuring Employee Engagement

Measuring employee engagement has traditionally been a yearly thing.

When leaders shift their focus to measuring employee engagement on an ongoing basis, key insights emerge.

Especially when line managers take responsibility for acting on the data.

Do you reckon your workplace morale is typically lower on a certain day of the week?

Measuring Employee Engagement Real-Time

Call it an employee satisfaction metric, measuring employee engagement or checking your workplace mojo, our device simply asks employees to respond to “How was your day?”.

They do this daily at the exit door by pressing either the green smiley or the red button.

One company recently found out that Thursdays is the day of the week when their employee morale is at the lowest.

By 7 percent!


Measuring employee engagement

Employee engagement survey results



Action Plan to improve


7%. What can you do with an insight like this?

Oh well, you might want to avoid all-staff meetings on the day that people are more likely to be less receptive.

You would possibly also want to schedule that creative brainstorming the day before, or after.

And why are your employees having a harder time at work on Thursdays? Why is that the worst day of the week?

Could you change something in the way work is planned, to make these days less challenging? To release stress and tensions?

Or is there an external factor you need to take into account?

Do you have an action plan to improve employee engagement?

Is staff morale generally higher on Fridays?

Another user started a social activity called ‘Waffle Fridays’ for their workers.

Every Friday some coworkers would volunteer to bake waffles, and the 60 people would have breakfast together at the office.

As the company already had a baseline for how their people were feeling at work, they could see the “Waffle impact”: Their average Friday was 10% greener than the rest of the days if the week.

But hey, was it really the waffles, perhaps the employee morale is higher just cause it’s Friday?

The company compared their employee mood data to the European office index, and found out that the “Friday effect” at other offices was 3% greener.

So getting 10% higher green on days with their Waffle Fridays, shows that the activity was having the desired effect.

It serves to boost morale at work, pushes the employee morale KPI up and creates engagement in the workplace.

You can only improve what you can measure. 

Let’s start an action plan to improve employee engagement!

Do you think your company has a weekday that’s tougher than the rest? 





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