How to boost team morale in the workplace: The i3 Group

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How to boost team morale in the workplace

At Celpax we’re interested in how people boost team morale in the workplace.

We regularly reach out to our users to find out what’s behind an increase or a downturn in their Employee Mood KPI.


By telling their stories they inspire others who are trying to get more employees to press the green button.

In the case of the i3 group in the UK, their Mood KPI went up from 79% to 94% green in just a month, which is outstanding.

Zooming in on their daily employee mood data, it all started on Dec 11th:

What happened?

David Evanson, Bytronic, LineView, OptimumDavid Evanson is the go-to guy for relationship management at the i3Group in the UK:

“The three sides of our business have worked in partnership since 2009, delivering manufacturing improvement within companies like Coca-Cola, Aston Martin and BMW.”

“At a management level, we have clearly defined what we offer as a group – together we’re more powerful than individually. We didn’t make sure everyone in the business knew that though.”

A few months after the company installed a Celpax device to measure employee mood they organized an event for all their employees.

How to boost team morale in the workplace: Share stories

“We shared the story of how our company was born. Sharing the successes and what people do (hey, what does so-and-so really do?!) and explaining how it all works together. It had a really powerful impact”.

Turns out the company had many new starters, but not many knew the story to tell:

“The event was a big prompt internally. Afterwards, I could tell that people got a boost. You could FEEL it! There was lots of engagement; people were a lot more interested in finding out more about the businesses”, he says, clearly enthusiastic himself.

David could quantify his gut feeling through their Employee Mood KPI:

Boost team morale: make it visible!

Boost team morale with survey kiosks: make it visible!


Up until this point, the employee Mood KPI at the i3 Group had been a mix.

“Our results were suddenly primarily green! The participation rate also went up considerably“.



Boosting employee morale at Lineview, UK

What makes us press the green button at the i3 Group?

The company organized an interactive session. They all sat down and spoke about what made the teams press red and green:

“We put out small tables and let people chat among themselves, sharing whatever they wanted to share.”David continues.

“There were no big surprises in what makes people press green – productive meetings, office atmosphere. Biscuits! But it’s all real: that’s what came to their mind. This exercise helped get employees thinking about what a green day and a red day could be like”, he clarifies.

Mood meter by the board

David and his colleagues already used red and green in lots of terms as many are trained in Learning and Development.

For those, there was a natural fit to press red and green.

For others, it helped them find out that there is a meaning behind red and green, it started a process of reflection.

What is the problem? How can we solve it?

“It was the first time we’ve ever done a group-wide event like this; it had such an impact! Our question going forward is what we are going to do to keep this great level up and maintain the green, i.e. sharing the results in our newsletter, keep the conversation going, etc.”

“We haven’t seen a big downturn that we’ve had to investigate; we’ll see that over time”, says David.

Conversation starter to get staff feedback

For some it took some convincing :)

David found the Celpax device thanks to the story share by their customer Unilever.

He was intrigued as to how to boost team morale in the workplace:

“I mentioned it internally and said let’s find out if it would work for us! Initially, it got a luke warm reception with comments like if there’s a problem employees will tell us or I’d rather we set up some regular meetings to talk. But that doesn’t actually happen”, he adds.

“Within a short period of time, it went from “that thing that David’s installed” to being referred to in customer meetings and people realising the value of it. It’s now really ingrained.”

Ways to boost team morale

There are many ways to boost team morale.

In the case of the Celpax, using a simple methodology:

“You just start measuring, share some results and you’re off. It’s a stimulus to do more: it gets ideas shared and conversations started.”

“It’s a real foundation for more regular face-to-face discussion. We don’t have to start from square one when we talk”, David concludes.

The i3 Group is a partnership between machine vision specialists, Bytronic Automation, real-time OEE software developers, LineView Solutions, and production performance improvement experts, OptimumFX Consulting, to deliver end-to-end sustainable manufacturing improvement.

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