How our management team changed their mind about People Metrics

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People metrics in action:

People Metrics – 7 months later

Not everyone was as convinced as the VP of HR when she installed mood devices at the exit doors at their service-oriented SME company.

In fact, her own management team wasn’t convinced that real-time People Metrics was what the company really needed in order to get back on track.

Our employees got it straight away. Our management team didn’t.

“In the beginning it was hard,” says the VP of HR.

“Our employees got the hang of how it worked from the start. You just hit the green or red button to tell us if you had a good or a shitty day!“

“Our board, on the other hand, thought the people metrics was too simple to actually work.“

People Metrics

People Metrics… 7 months later

After more than half a year of continuously zooming in on their people metrics, the story is different:

“We’ve been analyzing our employee satisfaction in real-time for over 7 months now. Each month I present the results personally to our coworkers”, she says.

“It got really exciting when we had a series of events which seriously affected the office mood.“

“Looking back on our People Metrics on the Celpax charts I can see the two stages we have gone through. On the online dashboard, you see that we actually made the same mistake… twice! The numbers are there to support it.”

Measuring employee engagement

“The longer you have the Celpax, the more you see the value”

After pressing the survey kiosks themselves for 7 months the VP of HR feels that the management team finally ‘gets’ the point with a People Metrics:

“In the beginning, they didn’t find the people data too exciting. There wasn’t much variation when we started measuring and reporting our employee satisfaction”.

It took the management team 7 months to realize how important it is to have people metrics. And  the power of asking for feedback from coworkers on an ongoing basis:

”The longer you have the Celpax, the more you see the value. They finally grasp that it doesn’t have to be more complicated than this for coworkers to get involved. Just a green and a red button.”
Do you know any company that could benefit from regular People Metrics to get insights into how their employees experience their workdays?

Get a Celpax device and follow our recipe: Measure. Improve. Repeat!

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People Metrics

People Metrics in action!


Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca. A people metrics enthusiast and co-owner at Celpax, a for-profit helping workplaces improve employee morale. I might appear in our chat, or let’s talk People Metrics on Twitter?

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