Real Time Talent Management

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Real Time Talent Management


Real Time Talent Management is one of the hottest trends in HR Technology according to Forbes, with Meghan M Biro praising systems that enables companies to stay on top of things in real time:

Real time monitoring gives HR and Team leaders more power to do more good.


Real Time Talent Management – daily, weekly, monthly

By continuously monitoring and measuring employee engagement throughout the year, HR leaders get a higher understanding of how the office mood develops over time.

You also get insights to the impact of different business factors on your employees. Building a better workplace takes time and dedication.

Yet how do you know you are on the right track?

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The Agile Talent Management Approach

Tap into scientifically validated data: with ongoing feedback, you get insights to how your employees react to the actions you take.

With an agile approach to Real Time Talent Management you can continuously fine tune your messages and actions to respond to change and align with your overall strategy.

By monitoring your evolution over the year you can make sure you’re on the same page as your employees, as the office mood and energy fluctuates over time.

Adjust as you go along with continuous improvement.


Take Action, Check and Adjust

Real time talent management enables HR to collect ongoing feedback from your employees.

You can improve your workplace by taking action, testing new things and validating the initiatives – rectifying when needed. It’s the small steps that make a difference, not the major complex change initiatives.

Our users recommend to Measure, Talk, Improve.. and repeat.

An agile approach to approving at work is only possible through a continuous employee feedback loop. This means you and your HR team can help managers adapt to changing conditons.

Staying agile and acting before it’s too late is an important tool when it comes to improving employee engagement and retaining employees.


Let the Numbers speak for themselves

Start getting insights from your employees and let the numbers speak for themselves: is your organization improving this year?

Make changes as the need arises!

Using a real time talent management system is an easy way to show that you care, and take employee engagement seriously.

Get started with Real Time Talent Management and improve with our pulse survey.

Boost morale at work with HR data


Measure if your leadership actions are working.


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