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A Strategy For Measuring Employee Happiness

…And Acting On The Result

Boost morale at work with HR data

The Celpax device to improve employee mood recently got mentioned on Forbes as David Tomas explained how his company has increased their EBITDA by focusing on employee happiness.

“Employee well-being is important to us, as reflected in our first core value: admire people. But we’ve also found it impacts the success of our company overall. While the idea of happiness and engagement at work are discussed frequently, the problem for many entrepreneurs is, how exactly do you measure happiness? And once you do, then what?”

Happiness levels

“If your company wants to increase profit, they can compare the current period’s profit amount with those of previous periods. Increasing company happiness is no different. You must be aware of current happiness levels to be sure in the future the levels are, in fact, increasing.

David’s company ask their employees three simple questions each day through an online form. This traffic light survey takes less than a minute to complete and encourages employees to be more self-aware and frank.

Hold an Open Discussion

“The next step is crucial: discussing the results and brainstorming solutions. Our team meets every Monday for 45 minutes. We discuss many things, but the survey is always on the agenda.

Importantly, employees are always welcome to speak privately with anyone in our no-doors office if they prefer.

Cyberclick Great Place to Work

Our team also meets once a month for a longer period of time, where we discuss opportunities for growth and go over the statistics of the more extensive survey, comparing it to the previous month’s results. We discuss ways to improve results for the upcoming months.

We have found that this open discussion structure builds trust.

Your “boss” isn’t analyzing your results and giving you feedback; this isn’t a pass/fail exam.

This is an exercise with the pure intention of, as a team, being more aware of our happiness and taking actions to increase it. It’s also a great example of our second core value: always find a better way.

If what someone is doing causes them stress or unhappiness, we must find a better way.

Increase in EBITDA

In the Forbes article David explains how some tough decisions lead them to put employee happiness over a big client:

“I believe the increase of the EBITDA is the result of our team’s motivation to put in their best work and treat each client with the absolute best customer service. Our focus on happiness has also contributed to our high employee retention rate.

If you want to improve productivity, increase motivation and enhance the flow of positivity and creative solutions at your company, you have to start somewhere.

Regularly surveying your team for both day-to-day happiness and longer-term employee satisfaction gives you with tangible, analyzable results.

Just as with anything else that needs improvement, you need a benchmark. An organized system for surveying and acting on feedback gives you that for relatively little time and money, and in my experience, give you the best return on investment yet.”

We recommend reading the full Forbes article! It’s nice :)

David Tomas is the General Manager at Cyberclick and will be releasing his book “The Happiest Company in the World” in September 2015.

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Boost morale at work with HR data

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