The Celpax device to improve company culture enters Finland

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Finnish agency aims to improve their company culture by installing a device to measure employee mood


Agency Leroy is a creative agency with customers like the Finnish National Opera, using agile and lean development methods in their daily work.

One of the employees at the Helsinki based bureau spotted the free Celpax device to measure employee mood.

It didn’t take long before one of the managers ordered one for free, and hung it up next to their exit door.

Improve company culture

“You can always improve the company culture. I feel that having a daily pulse and following up the data with our employees will be a major step in the right direction. One of our employees found the Celpax website and linked to it in our internal chat. I visited the site and was immediately interested”, says Rickard Lindgren, Head of Production.

employee tracking system celpax in Finland at the Agency Leroy team

Do we build our own employee tracking system?

Rickard is very interested in employee wellbeing:

“We had plans for building our own employee tracking system but then found about the Celpax solution which was superior. Using the box with the green and red button we get to know how our colleagues feel at the end of the day, so we can improve our company culture”, he continues.

Irresistible free offer

“The offer of a Daily Pulse device to try out that was irresistible. We hope to achieve an even better internal communication by talking about our red days in monthly meetings here at Agency Leroy. We just installed the device so no statistical surprises yet but the installation was very smooth and everything worked as expected”.

The online reporting system where Agency Leroy will follow their results to improve company culture

The online reporting system where Agency Leroy will follow their results to improve company culture

“I even got a little applause”

“I’m looking forward to following up the data from the Daily Pulse with our employees. After I had installed the device in our office I told our colleagues and I even got a spontaneous little applause!”, Rickard concludes.

Improve company culture

Friday tech-crunch at Agency Leroy.
It is unclear if the dog is tall enough to reach the green and red button :)


Like the idea to improve company culture? Copy Rickard and grab 1 device and try it in your organization.

Agency Leroy employee engagement

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