How can I improve our employee mood?

“My coworkers press green or red on the Celpax device every day. Now we know how our employee mood is. But what do I do with the results?”

Employee mood

Sometimes leaders ask us what they can do with the employee mood results.

Perhaps they’re not sure why so many people press the red button, or what they should do about it.

Us Celpaxers like to keep things simple.

This is how we see it:Employee Engagement Data


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1. Talk to your people

The Employee Mood KPI aims to help managers have more meaningful dialogues at work.

What we see works well is when leaders simply get up every now and then and spontaneously asks people “What do you think is making us press green?”.

Or start by asking “what makes us press green?” at daily huddles, weekly meetings, All-staff meetings, etc.

If you ask “what makes You press red”, there’s more pressure.

Using the wisdom of crowds, asking people to respond to how we all feel, means you can ask just a few people and still get a good feeling of what’s “cooking” in your workplace.

2. Take action to improve

The logical step after this is, of course, to take action to address the problem.

The objective is to have greener days. So the Celpax device triggers conversations that bring out what needs to be fixed in your work culture.

Sometimes you’ll be able to do something about it, sometimes not, but the mere fact that you have that conversation will be helpful.

Scott, a COO, was told that “our service cars are dirty, this makes me have red days”.

Start with fixing one thing that your colleagues told you made them have red days.

Then another, step by step.

By following the trend line on your Employee Mood KPI, you’ll be able to track if the actions you take are having an effect:

Are you getting greener days?

3. For the Excel ninjas out there… correlate!

Grab an Excel ninja and cross-check the Employee Mood KPI with other key business figures like sales, production levels, turnover or revenue.

Or analyze the impact of a merger or reorganization, or when rolling out initiatives like SAP to make sure major projects don’t burn out your employees.

Here are Unilever’s findings – they were told by their colleagues that their employee mood tends to go down when there are hiccups in the production line.


While you’re here please remember…

The 2 things you need to keep employees pressing:

  1. Talk to your people about the People KPI results (also true for central HR – just analyzing won’t give enough insights, pick up the phone or get up and talk to your managers and associates :) )
  2. Share the results regularly with your employees

Of course, there are many other ways to do cool stuff with the results.

We don’t claim to have the magic formula to getting employees more engaged at work – just a different approach.

In fact, what we really recommend is that you get inspired by reading about how other leaders improve at work using the Celpax device to improve employee mood.

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Employee mood


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