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Looking for a People KPI for employee engagement?

A People KPI based on simplicty – The Celpax terminal hangs by the exit door:

People KPI in the workplace


1. Employees press the Green or the Red button at the end of the shift. After they’ve pressed, lights show the results from the whole team.

2. The daily, weekly, and monthly results are analyzed on the dashboard as an Employee Engagement KPI.

3. Talk about what makes coworkers press green, and take action to improve what makes employees press red. The baseline KPI will show if your efforts are working.

You should get more green!  


“Instead of yearly insights, we continuously try to steer in the right direction”

 Eugène Kusse, Unilever Kleve
Balanced score card employee mood


With our simple way to measure employee engagement, front-line managers get a tool to see if their improvement efforts are working.

Using a simple feedback system, you get a regular pulse on employee engagement.

  • The benefit is mainly for middle managers. You get a simple tool to see how your efforts impact your people. Fresh data to guide you! As a leader, you can easily check online if your company is on the right track, compare offices and shifts, and take action when needed.
  • The benefit for HR is that they get a tool to activate their team managers. This brings employee engagement to where it belongs: A great workplace is everyone’s job.

It’s an ongoing People KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for management discussions.

Check the impact of things that matter at work.

All-Hands meetings, important communications, cross-check with other KPI’s like production, service levels, staff retention…

Employee morale KPI for your balanced scorecard - HR

An Agile People KPI

When analyzing our data we realized something interesting.

The companies that improve their team’s morale the fastest is where conversations happen.

So we copied what they do into the recipe of Measure, Talk, Improve, repeat!

  • Tiny initiatives can have a big impact. You wouldn’t believe what an extra air conditioner can do for the team morale. Or how a Waffle Friday during a crazy week shows you care and boosts morale. Managers tell us that even just ASKING people if they’re having a green day is effective.
  • You can easily test new things to see what impact it has on your Employee Engagement KPI as you introduce them.


Take action regularly

Action not only needs to happen.

You need to engage fairly regularly with your team.

Simply discussing the People KPI results goes a long way!

Many use daily huddles or weekly team meetings for this.

  • What makes us press green?
  • What red should we fix this week?


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