65 Countries are Having Greener Days with the Celpax!

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Workplace improvement in 65 countries

It was just over a year ago when we announced that our Celpax reach had broadened to 55 countries worldwide and now we’re back with another big announcement! We’ve hit 65 countries across the globe!

And the most exciting part?

Our 65th country is also another milestone for us. It’s our first Celpax in Uganda!

Here’s what our first Ugandan install site user, Daniel Odongo, had to say about why they chose to install a Celpax device:

“AutoTrack is an early stage IOT company delivering trip analytics and vehicle safety to car owners in Uganda. As a small team juggling multiple tasks, we needed a tool to help maintain productivity by detecting signs of stress and burnout on time. In an ever-demanding routine, Celpax is helping to bring happiness and strike a balance between work and productivity for startups like AutoTrack.”

Part of our mission here at Celpax is to engage the global workforce.

And we’re proud to do so by spreading green button days to workplaces in Africa!

Here’s a look at our reach:

Map- Celpax Install

Not only are we proud to have installed for the first time in Uganda but we’re also happy to see the expanse of different industries using the Celpax.

From schools, to factories to digital agencies to law offices, it’s great to see how many different areas are all committed to creating a better workplace.

Since the beginning, we’ve seen the variety of departments that come upon and install Celpax.

It’s not just HR departments as it used to be with employee surveys, but IT, sales, finance analytics and above all: operations.

And it’s not just a tool for upper management either. Line managers are those who benefit most.

“One of our employees found the Celpax website and linked to it in our internal chat. I visited the site and was immediately interested” says user Rickard Lindgren, Head of Production at Agency Leroy in Finland.

It’s proof that a great workplace is everybody’s job.

Our aim is to have a positive social impact and we’ve only been able to do so with help from users worldwide.

By signing up for your first Celpax, you’re helping us spread the green button message to your country, so thank you!

We’re so happy to be a part of how you improve your workplace and grateful for all your support.

You can help us even more by sharing the Celpax with someone you think might benefit from the device.

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