Go Celpax, we reached 55 countries!

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Go Celpax, we reached 55 countries!

Last year I wrote about how our Celpax device reached signups from 26 countries. I figured we would super-celebrate once we hit 50. But before I knew it…

Well, before I had time to get my stuff together we hit 55 countries.

So here it is: wohoooo!

The Celpaxers are super grateful for the massive response we’ve had from leaders that want to improve employee morale with our device.

Each country we enter brings us one worksite closer to our mission: to engage the global workforce.

Free Celpax device

I’m particularly happy to see the spread of employees and work environments that press the Celpax.

Every day there’s a (growing) positive force pressing green or red on to improve their church, tire factory, car dealer, supreme court, super market, city council…

We aim to have a positive social impact.

Our Celpax device helps employees create a work environment where more of us wake up and feel GOOD about going to work in the morning.

Thank you everyone for making this happen.

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Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, an accidental analytics enthusiast, co-owner at Celpax, and convinced that a great workplace is everyone’s job. I might appear in our chat, or say aloha on twitter?

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