Celebrating 25 26 countries

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Celebrating <del>25</del> 26 countries

I started writing this to celebrate that we had DailyPulse signups from 25 countries. Before I got a chance to finish it, we hit 26 :)

At Celpax, one of our values is reach. We believe in making our solution affordable to everyone, everywhere.

Heck, we even decided to give the first device for free to make sure that companies that are interested in improving their workplaces could try our DailyPulse to measure employee mood in real-time.

We’re also on a mission to engage the global workforce. Hence reaching the milestone of having signups from 25 countries really made my day.

I love the worldwide spread we have with people from USA, India, Germany, Iran, Argentina, Sweden…

Agile People Conference HR and leadership

We also see a lovely spread when it comes to company sizes, the title of the leader taking on the DailyPulse, and perhaps most interestingly: work cultures.

We have everything from small startups to Fortune 50 companies where HR, COOs, and CEOs continuously listen in to what brings their corporate culture forward, and adjust as they go along.

I interview companies that have 98% Employee Mood KPI – i.e. on a typical day almost everyone press the green button – and others where the leadership team is struggling to get past 20% green.Dashboard DailyPulse Employee Mood in real-time

So I woke up one Friday morning to greet our first Australian company (thanks for helping us spread the word hrtechgirl). We had reached 25 countries! Then Kuwait pinged. Hooray! 26!

These things certainly contribute to me pressing the green button heading out of the office, answering the question “How was your day” every day. I actually tend to have pretty awesome days 😉 .


Curious about our Daily Pulse to measure employee mood in real-time? Pick up 1 device for free, keep it at absolutely no cost (scout’s honor!). We hope and trust you will start paying once you see that our approach gives value to your organization.

Rebecca Lundin, Celpax Engagement SolutionsRebecca is a reluctant number lover, co-owner at Celpax, and convinced that a great workplace is everyone’s job. You can find her in the playground when she’s not on Celpax’s web chat in the left corner of your screen. Come say hi!
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  • Rebecca on October 8, 2014

    ..and today we reached 30 countries! Thank you everyone for making this happen.