How others launched the Celpax device to their employees

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How 8 leaders launched their Celpax device

Getting ready to improve employee morale with the Celpax device?

Need inspiration for how to launch?

Check out these insights from 8 leaders, ranging from team leaders, to factory Managers, to HR.

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1. We taped a presentation on the wall

Finax put up posters on the walls in the break room so that everyone would understand what it was they were hoping to achieve.

“I learned Change Management at IKEA. I know how important it is to create awareness within the company in order to get everyone on board.“

“ Employees thought that it seemed fun and exciting right from the start. However, they were also concerned about how the data would be used. By making the results publicly available we have taken away any doubts they may have had.”

Per de Bartha, Site Manager at Finax


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2. Our HR helped us, we explained WHY we’re doing this

“Our HR Director came when we met with our union. We have a very good collaboration, they appreciate that we are trying to change. So we involved them during the setup.”

“We sent a presentation to all employees: We explained WHY we’re doing this. This tool really is for them! It’s for all of us together to come up with solutions for improvements”

Christophe de Monie, Site manager, BASF Ham


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3. All-staff meeting

“The owners talked about our Celpax device in the all-staff meeting and about why we want it.”

“People should never have the feeling that we’re not going to do anything with the results; we need them to keep pressing.”

Scott Soremland, COO, Zerorez


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4. We sat down with the workers union

“We first sat down with the union. We explained that it’s not a control system and that it’s up to everyone if they want to do it or not.

We explained that we need to keep doing things to get the whole organization more positive.”

Katharina Brinkmann, Unilever

5. Factory Manager explained how easy it is

“The first days there may have been some question marks from our colleagues. But we made an effort, I was in the weekly meetings with shift managers, technicians, etc myself explaining how easy it is.

We communicate the results via our tv-screens, to give relevant feedback. We use the red and green ratio as a basis for our weekly meetings.”

Eugène Kusse, Factory Manager, Unilever


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6. Postcard with a comic

“I installed myself which was really easy. I hung a postcard with a comic explaining the concept next to the Celpax device.

I then printed two of the slides from the employee presentation from Celpax, so people could easily read it.”

“I launched the Celpax device at our last Open House. It was very well received. We told everyone the Celpax was brought to us for free to test. We also promised our employees that of course, we would share the results in the next Open House”.

Hasham Muhammed, Head of HR, Vinculum


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7. Team Managers to tell their team: “I got a spontaneous applause”

“After I had installed the device in our office I told our colleagues and I even got a spontaneous little applause!”

Richard Lindgren, Head of Production, Agency Leroy


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8. ‘It’s a bit frilly’ – Explain the purpose

“It’s a bit frilly; you wouldn’t expect something like this from a blue-collar business like ours. You would more think this would go into a smart office with design engineers, it could easily raise the question “why are we doing this? What’s the catch?”

“It wasn’t a complete shock, it had been mentioned at a meeting before and we had explained the purpose.”

Rob Hurrell, Operations Director, Surface Technology


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For further inspiration: Posters, templates, presentations, print-outs, FAQs, etc., to help you launch your Celpax device with a bang!



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What makes your employees press the green button?

THAT’s what you need to build on to improve your work culture :)


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