1 mighty engagement question for employees: Why does the Celpax device ask employees the same question (every day)?

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Engagement questions for employees

There are many engagement questions for employees you can ask in a survey.

What happens if you just go for one core question? 

A traditional survey with engagement questions for employees can help identify and break down problems that stop your teams from shining at work.

And as successful leaders know, unhappy employees mean you’re missing out on operational excellence, performance, innovation, and revenue.

The challenge most leaders face after a yearly employee survey is when you start making changes to try and fix things.

  • Are your actions having an effect?
  • Are you improving (or not) over time?

As a leader, you’re painted many different pictures and it can be hard to know. Also, your gut feeling might differ from your colleagues’.

This is where the approach of our Celpax device to measure and improve employee morale comes in.

So we’re not saying we’re better than the other engagement questions for employees you get in surveys.

We’re saying we’re different.

1 mighty engagement question for employees

As the device always asks the same question every day: “How was your day?”, you have a baseline.

The idea is to press as you leave work, meaning you’re always measuring the same, so you get a stable reading.

The Employee Mood KPI tells you how your people feel on a normal day in your factory, call center, or office.

Pulse survey to detect mood trends among employees

Take action

As you take action and implement initiatives like SAP rollouts, employee conferences, a heaquarter relocation that perhaps turns out to be much more complicated than participated, or a manufacturing repair week, the Mood KPI measures how effective your organization is at achieving its overall goal.

Are you improving employee morale?

If you want to improve your workplace you need to know what’s going on.

And you need to know if you’re improving.

Based on our data, we believe that the best way to know what’s going on in your company is to talk with your people.

Changing the question “How was your day” doesn’t only mean you lose the ability to track the Mood KPI on a daily basis.

It can also easily turn into an excuse not to talk with your colleagues, which is our goal.


questions for employee engagement

More engagement questions! But hey, face to face

The managers who continually have meaningful and transparent conversations with their people are those who improve the fastest, according to our employee morale data.

Honesty rocks.

Based on the feedback gathered at daily huddles, weekly meetings, coffees in the cafeteria, or from chats with blue-collar employees on the floor, these leaders do their best to try to fix things.

They have a healthy hunger to make change happen inside their organization.

They listen, learn, and analyze.


And you can see the result straight away in the data.

If an improvement or an experiment doesn’t work, you try something else.

Is it more effective to do social activities than All-Staff meetings?

And does a Popcorn Day work better than a party when it comes to how to motivate a team?

Let the data guide you.

Many times the result is beautiful, warming the Celpaxers hearts as it brings us closer to our goal:

Getting more employees to wake up feeling good about going to work.

It’s your workplace that needs to change

So when it comes to engagement questions for employees, perhaps do an experiment and think less about what engagement questions you need to change?

Because in our case what needs to be changed isn’t the question on the Celpax device.

It’s your workplace that needs to change.

Focus on your actions, and invite your employees to join the journey :)

How’s your employee morale? Are you improving at work? 

Find out more about our Celpax device .


One engagement question to rule them all ;)

Smiley feedback terminal Celpax


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Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, co-owner at Celpax. We use simple tech tools to measure and create great working environments. And build a better society while at it! Let’s talk engagement questions for employees on Twitter. Or follow us on Linkedin.

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