Locus of control: Who is in control of how you feel at work?

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Locus of control

Who is in control of how you feel at work?

This was the question posed by Desiree Rosier at Happy People Health Inc as she stood in front of the green and red button at work. Keys in hand and ready to go home for the day:
Desiree Rosier from Happy People

Locus of control is an important phenomena”, she says.

“Who is to blame/ the cause for your feelings and emotions? Who is in control of how you feel?”

“For myself Celpax acts as a very nice reflection moment. No matter what happened and how I feel before I press the button I ask myself; really, what is the score, am I grateful for what I did do and accomplish today?”

“Most times my answer is yes, and tomorrow I can do even better. Leaving me satisfied and inspired.”

“I know the reality in large companies is way more complicated, but even only realising that pressing the red button preps your mind (and body) for further lingering on dissatisfaction makes Celpax a great tool in my view.”

Do you feel that you control your destiny or are you controlled by it?

Here’s a 15 minute Locus Of Control test from Psychology Today.

Locus of control test

Reflection can be a very empowering process. What would you press going home from work today? Green? Red? Let us know on Twitter :)


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