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Add Employee Morale to your Weekly Balanced Scorecard

Got a balanced scorecard for measuring company performance? Do you use a balanced scorecard? Employee Morale has traditionally been measured through a yearly employee survey. Meanwhile, other Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) like EBITDA, revenue and customer ratings are considered so important they are analyzed on a daily basis.  Hang on, how is our employee morale doing lately? Yup. […]

Employee Morale on the Balanced Scorecard – 1 year later

Employee Morale: scorecard best practices It’s been one year since Zerorez Minnesota installed a Celpax device to improve employee mood. How’s employee morale today? We caught up with Scott! (1st and 2nd part here) “Last week has been tough and it shows in our employee mood results. We recently moved in to an office with […]

“Employees come to tell me why they press red” (Zerorez part 2)

Here’s the 2nd story of how Scott brought employee engagement levels to their Weekly Balanced Scorecard at Zerorez. Scott Oremland had finally found a way to get him a daily pulse on employee engagement levels, in order to complement the company’s weekly balanced scorecard. It took him a few minutes to install their free device himself […]

Daily Pulse review on BSC Designer

Data to get real time Employee Morale KPI on your balanced scorecard BSC Designer recently reviewed our device to measure employee morale in real-time. The article is called “Data for the real-time morale KPI on your scorecard”. Here’s a quick recap: “We were talking before about the difficulties associated with measuring soft skills like leadership or […]

“Is your device to measure employee mood really free?” the COO asked (part 1)

“Is your device to measure employee mood really free?” One Friday we got an email saying ‘I love your concept, could we really use the Celpax device for free?’ “Oh yes!” was our answer. Here’s Scott’s 1st part of how he got his employees on his Weekly Balanced Scorecard: Zerorez Minnesota, a US company offering […]