When is the right time to talk with your people?

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When is the ‘right’ time to talk to your people?

It used to be a common leadership practice to use the annual employee survey as the reason for approaching your team to talk.

But is that really when your employees best need these types of conversations?

Is there a way to know when it is the “right” time to walk around and talk to your people?

Many times it’s difficult for managers to tap in to and manage the employee mood.

When you do find an efficient way to do it, it means you get a whole new approach to reacting when something is ‘up’ among your workforce.

You can then take action and adjust strategies in a timely matter, when needed.


Simplicity: Press the green or red button

The Celpax hangs next to your company’s exit door. Employees answer “How Was Your Day?” by pressing green or red every day.

Today’s overall mood result is shown on the device after you press.

Online you can see if your mood trend is going up or down, compare the mood this January to last year’s, check differences between offices or countries, etc.

To keep things simple we send out a weekly report which is easy to share with your coworkers.

The online reporting system where Agency Leroy will follow their results to improve company culture

Indications of when you need to talk to your people

The Celpax result is an excellent base when you sit down with your people at your regular staff meetings.

Perhaps you’re doing daily shift meetings? Or weekly meetings?

That is an excellent time to converse about what is happening in the workplace.

Both product or service related matters, and also if people are happy or not at work.

Using the neutral it’s easier to have difficult conversations at work.

And it’s a splendid indicator to know when it’s getting urgent to talk more with your employees.

If there are a lot of red pulses one day, or if you’re experiencing a red week or a downgoing trend – this means it’s the right time to talk to your people.

This way you as a manager can align with the needs of your people and follow up in real-time.


HR conversations

One company took action on the first day of getting feedback

We have companies that have acted on their Celpax mood results the very first week they started measuring.

One team manager in a call centre was so shocked when seeing the employee mood results he spent the next day walking around getting insights from his people…

He quickly found a pain point in the onboarding in their call centre that was easily fixed, yet was creating a lot of dissatisfaction.

Fixing the problem, quickly led to more green feedback, after talking with the call centre employees about it.


When there’s a lot of red = you need to talk to your people!

So to sum up, knowing when it is the right time to walk around and talk to your people is easy.

When there’s a lot of red = you and your team leaders need to talk MORE with your people!


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