It’s the small steps that counts… involving employee mood

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Small steps counts… involving employee mood

Article by HRM Professor Peter M. Wald:


My latest posts were related to the ”second” operating system and possible new tasks of human resource management.

Today I am able to report on a recent HR tool.

It´s about a tool used to measure the employee mood.

For your information: The DailyPulse is a device by the Swedish company Celpax.

HR at Unilever Germany, Aneta Kuncewicz

I was able to talk to Mrs. Aneta Kuncewicz (HR Business Partner) of Unilever in Kleve, Germany, about the experiences gained in the deployment of this tool:


Wald: First of all, thank you very much for letting me ask you a few questions about the application of this tool. How did you come up with the idea of measuring the employee mood with this device?

Kuncewicz: We were particularly interested in this tool, due to its simple and uncomplicated user interface. At the end of the working day, the employees can express their moods in a very simple manner, by pressing the green or red button.

Wald: Did the introduction of the device go smoothly? Or did you have to overcome any resistance?

Kuncewicz: The tool was very well received by our employees and to our delight, they actually use the device on a regular basis.

Wald: How often do you measure the mood?

Kuncewicz: We measure the mood every day, and in case the trend changed within a week, then of course we react immediately to improve.

Wald: What do you do with the gathered information? Do you carry out current analyses or are the results incorporated into the day-to-day management?

Employee Engagement at Unilever


Kuncewicz: The management discusses the collected data on a weekly basis and then makes a decision on the further steps.

Wald: What would you recommend other companies that are thinking about using DailyPulse? Is it a tool that can add new facets to personnel work?

Kuncewicz: For us, using DailyPulse is definitely an enrichment, and therefore we would also recommend DailyPulse to other companies.

The reason for this is that employees can provide feedback to the company in a very simple way, and we can then constantly see how our employees are feeling. Moreover, the employees are encouraged to reflect on their working day, something that we consider very important.Unilever - Daily Pulse

Therefore, my answer is “yes, this tool can add new facets to personnel work”, and not just facets, but also new ways of working.

Wald: Dear Mrs Kuncewicz, thank you very much for this interview. I wish you continued success in the application of DailyPulse.

This post originally appeared on Leipziger-HRM-Blog.

Peter M Wald: Professor of human resource management at the Faculty of Economics of the HTWK LeipzigPeter (M. Wald), Professor of Human Resource Management, Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Germany. Research interests: Leadership & Social Media, New developments in employee participation, Blogger on HR and Leadership issues.


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