Generation Y in the workplace – immediate feedback please!

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Generation Y in the workplace – Hello immediate feedback

The so-called Generation Y in the workplace has created a demand for greater immediacy at work.

The behavioural analysts over at Canvas8 recently published a case study called “Celpax: A measuring Tool for Happier Workplaces”.

The case study takes a look at how technology is changing our workplaces in the light of Generation Y.

They were interested in how transparent people tech helps companies get immediate feedback from their employees:

Canvas8 Case study

Here’s the recap from the Canvas8 case study:

“Companies closely monitor sales, revenue, and expenditure, but health checks on the lifeblood of organisations – their employees – are often haphazard.

A culture of silence punctuated by dreaded annual appraisals means that it’s hardly surprising that only 15% of employees are engaged at work. [1]

Celpax aims to right this through daily surveys of staff, asking everyone to enter either a red or green face depending on their mood at the end of the workday.

But is happiness the productivity-boosting elixir it’s been billed as, or a relatively useless metric?

How can constant feedback keep people engaged at work?”

Immediate feedback Generation Y

Immediate feedback

As Canvas8 mentions in their case study, Gallup’s research report, How Millennials Want to Work and Live, shows that millennials have a hard time finding good jobs that engage them.

According to Gallup, Generation Y in the workplace want to “be free of old workplace policies and performance management standards, and they expect leaders and managers to adapt accordingly”.

Generation Y is the most educated generation in history.

They are used to the idea that most information should be available to almost anyone. Transparency, now!

What type of company culture makes them tick?

According to Inc., “Millennials thrive when there’s structure, stability, continued learning opportunities, and immediate feedback”.

This is part of why our Celpax device shows you the results from your colleagues’ after you have pressed the red or green button.

Because transparency produces trust.

Or as the Factory Manager at one of our Unilever sites puts it: “We want everyone to see the Celpax results. There’s nothing secret about the engagement surveys results. But you need to do something with the results”.

Future proof staffing

Another study that included Gen Z, came to the conclusion that “Generation Z is more than twice as likely to drop a brand for poor features or responsiveness on social media as Generation Y.”

What is the equivalent of that in your workplace? How responsive are you to the needs of your employees? Are you future proof staffing your organization?

Are your leaders ready to manage Generation Y in the workplace?

(Note: Generation Z or Gen z, are those born in 1995 or later, it’s the generation after Millennials, aka Generation Y.)

Head over to Canvas8 to see what their behavioural analysts had to say about the Celpax device in their case study :)

PS. They will ask you to sign up.

Interested in honest, transparent leadership? The Celpax devices give your millennial employees visibility into how your company culture evolves over time.

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1. ‘State of the Global Workplace’, Gallup (2017)

Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, co-owner at Celpax. We use simple tech tools to measure and boost morale at work so you can keep your talent. And build a better society while at it! Let’s talk about Generation Y in the workplace on Twitter?
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