Simple workplace improvement ideas

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Workplace improvement ideas

Workplace improvement ideas don’t have to cost much or take long to implement.

Keep it simple and take small steps. Here’s 1 idea:

Talk to someone at work you haven’t talked with before

People often say that the key to being a good leader and colleague is being a good listener.

When was the last time you spontaneously just listened to what someone had to say?

Simply get up from your desk and start talking with the first coworker you see… that you’ve never talked with before.

Talk to someone at work you haven’t talked with before

Perhaps there’s someone you often send email to but never actually spoken to?

Step away from your inbox and invite them for a coffee and a real conversation.

People love talking about themselves — if you don’t know what to say your new colleague or someone you simply haven’t spoken to before – just get them talking about themselves.

And if your company is improving your work culture by measuring your employee mood, you could spark conversations by asking “what do you think makes us press green?“, and try to act on that.

Great growth and a great company culture is based on dialogue and human interaction. Live the culture you want to create.

So there!

Challenge yourself and go and talk to a colleague you’ve never talked with before.

And if you’re in a small company, find a coworker you hardly ever speak with :)

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