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1100 Days of Real Time Employee Mood – Congrats Zerorez!

Current mood: Green Some new customers ask us whether the Celpax initiative will die out after a few months. One of our favorite companies is having a special day today as they’re celebrating 1100 days of collecting employee mood. Congrats Zerorez Minnesota! The cycle of Measure, Talk, Improve, Repeat, is what keep things running: 3 years of […]

Employee Morale on the Balanced Scorecard – 1 year later

Employee Morale: scorecard best practices It’s been one year since Zerorez Minnesota installed a Celpax device to improve employee mood. How’s employee morale today? We caught up with Scott! (1st and 2nd part here) “Last week has been tough and it shows in our employee mood results. We recently moved in to an office with […]

“Employees come to tell me why they press red” (Zerorez part 2)

Employee engagement best practices: Balanced Scorecard Here are some employee engagement best practices: the 2nd story of how Scott brought employee engagement levels to their Weekly Balanced Scorecard at Zerorez. Scott Oremland had finally found a way to get him a daily pulse on employee engagement levels, in order to complement the company’s weekly balanced scorecard. […]