Planning a Halloween office party?

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Need Halloween office ideas?

Halloween Office Ideas – 8 quick ones

Halloween is a great excuse to boost employee morale and celebrate with your fellow colleagues.

For those who measure your employee mood in real-time with our Celpax survey kiosk, remember that you can check the impact of your Halloween party under “Day Analysis” on your dashboard.

We will detect if you got more or less green pulses in comparison to a “typical day” at your workplace.

Lacking Halloween office ideas?

Here’s 8!


Parties are great. But for everyone?

Social events and games are great for people to get to know each other better, in an informal setting.

Halloween parties are easy. Who wouldn’t feel less relaxed striking a conversation, dressed as Freddy Krueger?

Getting a break from everyday stress is, generally speaking, a great idea.

We all encounter struggles with colleagues from time to time.

Those struggles can easier be avoided when we get to know each other better and have fun together.

And if you’re working for a big company, you typically wouldn’t be able to go into the office to meet your boss’s boss’s boss.

However, in a party setting, this is quite easy to do.

8 Halloween office ideas

As Halloween gets closer, you might want to get ready on time:

1. Send a creepy invitation or print one and drip some fake blood on it. Perhaps include a Halloween branded Covid face mask?

2. Get some Halloween stress balls (COVID stress relief!). You can also make a cheap version yourself.

3. Maybe go for a spider theme? Search Spotify‘s playlists for some matching music to get into the right mood. Last-minute DIY costume ideas and inspiration here.

4. Decoration is key! Perhaps someone in the office is mad into decoration and can help you out? Make sure you get the theme for this year’s Halloween before you start shopping hehe.

5. Halloween Finger Food will bring people out of the darkest office cubicle. It doesn’t all have to be candy.. right?

Pumpkin blood soup? Puking Pumpkins? (My fav!). Graveyard Taco Cups anyone?

Halloween office ideas


6. Costume contest? Oh yes. You could have categories like “The Most Evil” or the “Best recycled” to keep costs down, etc.

You might want to set clear expectations on the costume dress code too… what is suitable in your office?


halloween face mask

COVID Halloween face mask!


7. Convince the bosses to dress up for the day, or just for the party. It just, well, it just makes things a bit more relaxed :)

8. Let people leave early by surprise. And think of something NICE for shift workers in call centers, etc. who have to stay working and can’t join the festivities.

And do make sure your Halloween office ideas are in tune with what works with your company culture.

Feeling unsure?

Ask 3 or 4 people among your teams what they think OTHER coworkers would think about your spooky office plans for Halloween.

Do they think that their coworkers would like your festivity activities and ideas?

Was this year’s Halloween office party better than last year’s?

If you’ve measured employee morale for a longer time, you can compare the office mood with last year’s.

What percentage of employees pressed the green button at the exit door, heading home after the office party, compared to last year’s team activity?

Remember what we’ve spoken about previously, that on rare events, people see an increase in red pulses after social events aimed to boost morale at work.

Perhaps there’s something in the way the party was organized that your employees didn’t like.

Perhaps some people didn’t feel integrated?

Perhaps it was out of office hours but all staff “had” to go? I.e. it was expected of everyone to show up, even if they were not scheduled to work that day.

Not everyone might feel comfortable saying ‘no thanks’.

Furthermore, if your employees are on a low salary, this could have an impact.

If you think back, what did you learn from last year’s office Halloween party to make this team party even better? 

Or learn from other activities or games someone has organized.

What makes your team tick?

So anyways, the Celpaxers will be enjoying some office spookiness this year…

We hope you also have a spooktacular time at your party too :)

Curious about our device to measure office morale in real time? 

Measure if your leadership actions are working!


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Rebecca Lundin, Celpax Engagement SolutionsHej! I’m Rebecca, a pumpkin and people data enthusiast. Co-owner at Celpax, and convinced that a great workplace is everyone’s job. Say hi on twitter and share your Halloween office ideas or pictures! 

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