‘It was amazing to hear laughter in the office again’ – COVID Back to Work Tips

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As offices reopen and employees return back to work, it’s time to rebuild morale:


COVID Back To Work Tips


COVID-19 has changed many things at workplaces, worldwide.

One thing that has remained a constant is the need to be there for your employees.

To show them with actions that you care.

It’s in times of trouble that action matters the most.

Let’s look at how Bluefort acts to back their statement ‘Our employees are the heart of our business’:


Business as Usual

Bluefort is a Microsoft Gold Partner with a dynamic team of talented professionals who share a passion for business transformation using technology.

Headquartered in Malta, the company helps businesses increase efficiency, reduce costs and accelerate growth using their in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

When COVID-19 started spreading in Europe, the company swiftly sent all employees to the safety of their homes.

Being a tech company made the transition smooth.

They also had other advantages:

“We have always enjoyed a flexible working policy”, says Amor Herbst, Sales and Marketing Manager.

“Being experienced at delivering technology projects remotely, working at home during lockdown from a service perspective was ‘business as usual’.”


Scavenger Hunts

Despite the business as usual, many colleagues said that they missed the office culture.

They missed being able to talk to team members face-to-face.

However, most employees said that they felt like they got more done due to not commuting.

Bluefort HR Executive, Kim Campbell’s creativity sparked virtual team activities like scavenger hunts and team building sessions.

This really lifted spirits at work and was something that everybody looked forward to every time.


Back to work for office employees at Bluefort


“Back-to-School” Lunch

Bluefort’s personnel worked from home from early March ’20.

Their staff started gradually returning to work throughout the month of June ’20.

Like other businesses returning to the office, Bluefort had to adhere to government regulations and guidelines closely, whilst being able to let co-workers enjoy each other’s company.

As more team members returned back to work at the office, it was time for a celebration.

The company decided to have a staff-lunch spanning over three days.

“I arranged a ‘Back-to-School’ lunch for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday”, says Kim.

“Each day, a few people brought in a dish they had learned to bake or cook during COVID. Like a pot-luck almost. It’s so good to have everyone back together :)


Reopen Office after COVID 19


“We have a diverse team from various parts of the world”, Amor continues.

“Being able to enjoy home-cooked favourites from different countries was such a treat! There was even a couple of desserts every day.”

The yumminess and employee enthusiasm were also reflected in their daily employee morale score.

Bluefort got 100% green each day they organized the pot-luck lunches.

Their employee morale has been stable at +90% green ever since. A great result!

“The overall feedback was fantastic”, Amor concludes. “Recipes were shared and it was amazing to hear laughter in the office again.”


Pulse survey COVID 19


Got more COVID Back To Work Tips?


Have you tried Lunch Roulettes?

Or would you like to rebuild morale after Covid-19 lockdown with our Celpax devices?

We’re happy to help you get back to work to the “new normal” :)


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