HR Innovation Day – Keynote speaker announcement

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Keynote speaker announcement: HR Innovation Day


Interested in HR innovation?

Curious about new trends to work more efficient, be a better leader, creating work happiness, etc?
Rebecca Lundin, Celpax

Join us in the beautiful settings of the University of Leipzig, Germany!

On June 2nd I’ll be giving a keynote speech around Real Time Employee Morale: Why measure daily?



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Innovative practices in Human Resource Management

There are tons of ways to learn about HR innovations these days: webinars, blogs, YouTube, etc.

Why bother going to a conference?

Well, the same reason we recommend managers to regularly have open conversations with their people: Face to face interactions beat screens any day!

(In the case of Celpax users, our data show that the companies where leaders regularly talk with their people about how they feel at work, maintain a higher Employee Morale KPI. A Swedish example of an agile HR here).

You’ll get to network with fellow HR leaders (don’t hide behind your phone!) and discuss ways to create a nice working environment which leads to higher performance and a more profitable company.

And you’ll most likely come back to your colleagues with new ideas, and hands-on things to make your people more effective and efficient at work.



HR Innovation Day 2018

The HR Innovation Day is a non-profit event, organized by Professor Peter M. Wald and his team at the University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig.

Most of the event is in German, with several key notes speeches in English.

My last time in Germany was at the ‘Global Talent Management Leaders‘ summit. In Berlin my focus was on the link between making your teams self-aware and the link to productivity.

That event was a lot of fun!

This time my Keynote speech is titled “Real Time Employee Morale: Why measure daily?“.



Baselines, Waffles and Job Satisfaction

Using the findings among the users of our Celpax device, I’ll be diving in to real cases of what HR and other leaders have discovered as they have introduced a continuous approach.

“It’s not the same to send a survey on a Monday or a Friday, there will be biases”, says the HR Manager at Nissan.

Having a baseline of how your employees normally feel on a given day, means you can easily detect days that stand out.

What happens on those workdays?

And how can you make sure you either have MORE of those days, or less?

I’ll be talking about the impact of activities and actions that leaders take to improve their workdays.

Manufacturing trends

What drives your company culture forward, and helps create an irresistible employee experience?

PS. Here’s a German example of Engagement surveys for employees.


Join us!

Come join us in Leipzig to learn more and get inspired by a bunch of nice speakers – it’ll be fun!

And make sure to come up and say hi :)



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Boost morale at work with HR data

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Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, co-owner at Celpax. We use simple tech tools to measure and boost morale at work so you can keep your talent. And build a better society while at it! Let’s talk innovation in human resource management on Twitter.
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