The Celpax Privacy Guarantee

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The Celpax Privacy Policy

Is your company about to start improving your workplace with the Celpax device?

Perhaps as an employee, you’re wondering if it’s really anonymous?

Our business wouldn’t work if employees didn’t press so we, of course, make sure we act in the interest of the employees.

You are anonymous

Us Celpaxers take privacy seriously.

The Celpax device only reports back if you press green or red as you leave work.

From a technical point of view, it’s impossible for the device to perform other tasks.

  • It doesn’t store anything personal
  • It doesn’t try to find out who pressed
  • It doesn’t have a camera. It can’t read your facial expression
  • It can’t scan your fingerprints
  • Etc.

Legal framework

When companies signup to measure and improve their company culture, we make them sign a privacy clause in the contract.

Each company agrees to use our Celpax devices for the sole purpose of IMPROVING your workplace.

Each company is also obliged by our contract to respect the employee privacy as you start giving feedback in order to talk about what’s good or not at work, take action and fix things that can be improved.

Surveillance is not permitted. It’s not about controlling.

This isn’t about evaluating anyone.

It’s about changing things so people – you – feel better at work.

The Celpax Hotline

If you suspect your company breaches the contract, for example, a manager trying to spy on you or similar, do let us know, anonymously if you’d like through our live chat, email or a letter.

We will act.

We are a for-profit, social venture on a mission to give tools so employees and managers can improve their workplace together.

If employees don’t press green or red – we’re failing our mission.

Privacy Guarantee for employees

PS. Remember that we also guarantee minimum transparency.

All employees can sign up online with your company email to check your basic employee mood results.

Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, an accidental analytics enthusiast, co-owner at Celpax, and convinced that a great workplace is everyone’s job. I might appear in our chat, or say aloha on twitter?

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