6 (big) Signs It’s Time to Find a New Career Path

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Hands up, how many of these 6 signs did you experience this week? Is it time to find a new career path?


New Career Path ahead?


As working adults, we all have bad days or go through frustrating times at work.

Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between workplace frustrations that will occur no matter what job you have and frustrations that mean it’s time to look for a new job.

If your current job frustrations take away your happiness or you find yourself dreading Monday mornings, it might be wise to start looking for a new career path.

Also, if you find yourself consistently thinking about finding a new job, you need to start making time for job searching.

Finding a new job might not solve all of your workplace blues, but it could add happiness and joy back to your life! And hey, even a little more money.

Let’s look at 6 signs you might be experiencing already, indicating that the moment to find a new career path has arrived.



1. You hate waking up in the morning

If you find yourself dreading Monday mornings because it means you have to have to go back to work or hitting the snooze button repeatedly because you don’t feel like dealing with work, it’s time to at least look for a new career path.

Now, we’ve all had those days when we’re tired or want the weekend to last for an extra day or two.

But if your dread of waking up and having to go to work happens several times a week or more, perhaps you need to move on to a different job or business.

Every job has its drawbacks, but you shouldn’t stay at a job that you dread waking up for. What new career path is right for you? Quiz here.

Monday morning blues, time to look for a new career path?


2. Your personal life starts to suffer

One of the biggest signs that it’s time to look for a new job is when your personal life begins to suffer.

Whether you’re stressed, bored, or depressed, you need to start looking for a new career path when your current job imposes on your happiness.

Naturally, we all have bad days, but when you consistently blow off plans for date night or hanging with friends after work, you need to evaluate how much your current job is affecting your personal life.

No job is worth losing your happiness or joy over.



3. Your job responsibilities don’t challenge you

If you frequently find yourself saying “I’m bored,” it could be a sign that you aren’t being challenged enough in your professional responsibilities.

Your workload shouldn’t be overwhelming or too much for you to challenge, but you should be challenged and engaged by what you are doing.

If you feel that you aren’t being utilized at your current job, it could be time to find a new career that showcases your strengths and allows you room to further develop your professional skillset.

When you have a job that you are engaged in, your days will past by faster and won’t leave you feeling bored or unproductive.

Find a new career path, signs it's time for a new job


4. You never know what’s going on

A lack of communication is a frequent complaint in mismanaged companies, and this is a key sign that you need to start looking for a new career path.

Of course, you don’t need to know every single thing that occurs at your workplace. But if crucial pieces of information take days to trickle down from management or are never passed down at all, it becomes a problem.

Working for a company that doesn’t understand the importance of communication or simply can’t make it happen is extremely frustrating and stressful.

Hence it’s important to take action if you feel that you are missing out on hearing key information from management. Are there more people at work that want to improve employee morale?



5. You sense uncertainty

When in doubt, trust your gut instinct.

Whether it’s a steady stream of turnovers, issues within upper management, COVID related or a consistent lack of sales, a sense any uncertainty means that it might be the moment to look for a different career.

Of course, you should never overreact and always research your doubts, but if it looks like trouble is brewing, you best start looking.

It never hurts to have another job offer to consider, and it’s better to start looking in advance and be prepared for whatever might occur. Uncertainty can be a strong push towards a new career path.



6. You daydream about finding a new job

Most importantly, if you spend time daydreaming or fantasizing about a new career, you should instead spend that time looking for a new job.

Of course, we all spend time thinking about our dream job or childhood ambitions, but if you’re thinking about a new job because your current job isn’t working out, get back on the job search journey again.

You can look for a different company in the same industry, but it never hurts to consider different industries or even entrepreneurship.

You’re the only person who will truly know if you’re happy or at least content at your job and current place of business. Daydreaming – a bit too often – about finding another job is a sure sign that you need to devote resources to find a new work career.



A new career path can feel scary, right?

Looking for a new job can seem overwhelming when you first begin. But it’ll be worth it in the end if it lowers your stress levels and allows you to find a job that showcases your talents and strengths.

If you’re deciding whether you should look for a new career, trust your gut instinct. Especially if there is frequent miscommunication or you sense any uncertainty at work.

A new professional track could also be something you perhaps didn’t think of. Could you find a new career within your existing organization? Talk with your manager or HR if you’re in a bigger company.

Perhaps there’s a career path planning program?

Lastly, since we spend so many hours at our jobs, you need to make sure your job is right for you. And if it’s not, make time to find a new one.

Good luck in your new career path! You can do this :)


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Valerie Cox is a contributing writer for Franchise Direct. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and volunteering in her local community.

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