Manufacturing Month is here!

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Manufacturing Month 2022 is soon here:


7 Fun Manufacturing Month ideas


What used to be held on the first Friday in October – Manufacturing Day – was so successful it turned into Manufacturing Month!


According to a study by Deloitte, the current talent skills gap might leave 2.4 million manufacturing positions unfilled until 2028.

The economic impact of that? $2.5 trillion.

How can we manage the lack of skilled manufacturing workers?

One of the reasons behind the initiative is to get more people and students to see a potential career in manufacturing.

“Thirty years ago, the industry was viewed as dumb, dirty and dangerous. Today, it is high-tech, high-skill and high-pay.”, said WMC President & CEO Kurt R. Bauer.

There are many activities and events planned throughout October with the aim of inspiring the next generation of manufacturers.

We figured we would share 7 ideas on how to celebrate National Manufacturing Month together with your employees:


1. Organize an Open Day at your facility

Not only can this help open up and fill your talent pool, but it’s also a moment for your employees to shine and feel proud of their workplace.

The factory tour is a great way to showcase what makes YOU so special.

Have you nailed lean production? Increased productivity by 8% this year? Make it interesting.

Women account for less than 33% of manufacturing workers.

Yet they represent about half of the overall workforce according to the Manufacturing Institute. This is a great moment to get more women to step up and be the face of your manufacturing facility.

Also, neighbors tend to be curious! Leave handwritten welcome letters to the people who leave near your facility?

More tips here to organize your event.

If you can’t accept visitors due to COVID19, you can organize a virtual event.

Manufacturing day event


2. Manufacturing Trivia Quiz

Organize a quiz during Manufacturing Month!

It could be industry-related, or use questions that are closely related to your state.

Or why not even something very local? Let’s geek out! Have people phone a friend to mix things up.

Come up with a fun prize and announce the winner during the MFG Day.

Ideas for questions here.



3. Visit another manufacturer site

Check for like-minded businesses who have signed up for events or activities during the month of October when Manufacturing Month takes place.

This can be inspirational for your staff and lead to a stronger local community. And it’s a great story for the local news to cover.

Give your group of employees a fun challenge. For example, write down 3 things they really like about the other site.

I.e. “I like how closely they work with the local schools and colleges all year round”, “their cafeteria food is awesome”, “the break room has massage chairs”, etc.

Maybe there is something that will inspire you enough to adopt it?

Get your employees to share their experiences on social media to help spread the #MFGday message.



4. Send employees to an educational center

What local schools and colleges could you visit? Remember to bring some tools or products to make it more engaging for the students.

Also, your business doesn’t necessarily have to visit an educational center for young adults, it could be interesting for younger kids too!

They can also spread the word to their parents so it’s a win-win hehe.

Here’s a nice brochure you can hand out and share with the students.



5. Storytelling

Get your manufacturing staff to share WHY they chose a manufacturing career.

Their coworkers will be curious, share their stories internally!

Perhaps do a Manufacturing Week special? Or feature some fresh students that have just joined?

You could mix things up and feature the two latest employees that joined your company, and the two that have been there the longest.

What has changed? What has improved?

What do they like about manufacturing? What is their best memory?



6. #ManufacturingMeal

Plan around your work shifts so that everyone can get a nice meal to celebrate Manufacturing Day. What works well in your company culture?

Is there some food your people just LOVE?

Something that always boosts morale? WaffleFriday served by the managers?

If you’re measuring staff morale daily, you can verify the impact of the event and share it on social media, using the hashtag #MFGDay.

You could also do a simple and cheap event like Stacy’s Popcorn Day.

More employee appreciation day ideas here. And if you’ve got some more time, check out the free Lunch Roulette starter kit.

Boosting morale boosts productivity!



7. Fun face masks

In COVID times, what better way to spread the word than giving free #mfgmonth face masks to your workforce?

Or order t-shirts, mugs, goodie bags… what works best in your company culture?

Fill the restrooms with MFG branded balloons!

There is nothing worse than seeing all the factory visitors get a yummy-looking goodie bag on the day, and your own staff getting nada.

Go on, spoil them and spend the MFG day in style :)

If you print special safety gear etc, you can also help the initiative outlive the month of October. Thus reminding people to spread the word about working at an assembly plant.

Merchandise for manufacturing month


How will you celebrate #MFGday? Share your story!

Write a blog and take some snapshots to share your plans for Manufacturing Month.

Showcase your technology, processes and more importantly praise your workforce!

Use all the ideas above to create awareness and spread the news both inside your manufacturing plant, but also locally, and in your area.

Lastly, remember to check out the informative

There you can find a lot more information about how to organize events and activities in your area.



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Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, co-founder at Celpax. We use simple tech tools to create better work environments. And build a better society while at it! Let’s share more fun ideas for this year’s Manufacturing Month on Twitter? Or follow us on Linkedin.

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