Measure Employee Morale Progress!


Are your employees with you?



The Celpax shows leaders if your improvements are working:


1. Employees press green or red to answer “How was your day?” when the shift ends


2. The online dashboard shows daily, weekly and monthly results


3. Fix something red! Then check the data to see if it worked :)



Kiosk employee engagement


What makes people press red?


Fix it.

For leaders that are DOERS.


Our methodology: Baseline Measurement

Employee Morale KPI



The perhaps hardest thing about leadership is to be sure you’re doing the right thing.

When trying to fix problems, how do you know that the changes you make are effective?

Unless you know how big the problem was before it started, it’s tricky, right?

What are you going to compare with?

With Baseline Measurement, you establish a starting point.

In this case:



How was your day?


How can you measure employee morale in an easy and fun way?

The Celpax device always measures the same variable: How Was Your Day?

As a result, you get a baseline of how your employees feel at work.

I.e 75% press green on average.

That is your Mood KPI.

After that, you can check how effective an improvement or a change initiative is.

And see how employees react:



Measure employee engagement


Track your improvement journey


Above to the left, you see the negative impact of the new machinery.

To the right, the positive effect as a new manager joined.

  • Did the free coffee in the break room boost employee morale?
  • Or is employee morale higher on the days you organize social activities and all-hands meetings?
  • How do people react to safety trainings?

Check the impact of important communications, staff rotation, organizational change…



“If a pulse survey is sent every Friday we’ll never know how our Mondays are.

Your last day might have been bad. But maybe not your whole week”



Celpax Review

Scott Oremland, Zerorez Minnesota






A tool for managers that are DOERS :)


Some managers keep asking for more reports. More details.

Hey, how was the mood at 2 pm? At 3.30? At 4.15?

They don’t get the concept, they just want reports.

And then they fail to take action.

One organization hired a consultancy firm to do a big leadership training. That’s great!

Meanwhile, their employees kept pressing red because “there’s never any freaking toilet paper”.

See the gap?


Start a culture of conversation

Another manager took over a factory in receivership. Soon, their employee morale data climbed.


So what did he change in the organization?

One day a worker gave him some spontaneous feedback:


Employee Engagement in factories 

What was the new manager doing?

To sum up: walking around and talking with employees on the shop floor.

He opened up conversations about what worked (green smiley button!) in their day to day.

And also, what they could improve (red button) in their organization.

That is to say, small things make a big difference over time.



Measure employee engagement with a terminal



The Celpax is all about small, incremental changes, week on week that add up to big improvements.



Many years ago we sat down to analyze those who measure employee morale with our Celpax. The data sent a clear message:

Which companies get the best scores?

Those who frequently talk with their employees about how they feel at work.

At all levels!

So not just the team managers.

Consequently, our users say that the Celpax sparks conversations.

It’s a neutral number that you can discuss, to improve internal communications.

When there’s a lot of red, leaders ask what causes it. And take action to boost morale at work.




See immediately if your improvements work


As a manager, there are a thousand things you can do to help employees feel more engaged.

With a baseline, you will immediately see if it works when you introduce a change.

Are you getting more green over time?

Or more red?

Here’s our recipe to boost employee morale, in a simple way:












Employee Engagement Data

KPI HR Manufacturing employees Leadership data for blue collar employees

High performance organization Employee feedback real time



Smiley feedback terminal Celpax




Daily, Weekly, Monthly Data


When you measure employee morale with a Celpax, your analytics are available 24/7.

All online.

You can compare the Mood KPI between all your devices at different departments, teams, shifts, factories, etc.

Check all the survey results and data on the dashboard sections.



Online dashboard for employee engagement analytics

Compare locations

Most companies detect that employees feel different, depending on where they work.

Besides, the employee experience varies depending on if it’s a blue-collar position or office-based.

The impact of the site location and manager is also big when it comes to overall engagement and employee turnover.

And retention!

What’s the upside if you compare the data and the overall engagement strategy between locations? You can learn and improve employee morale, faster.





Compare day and night shifts


Most companies have differences between their shifts.

Sometimes it’s related to the time when people work (“the graveyard shift”).

Sometimes employees feel more engaged because of the shift manager.

Or a shift was really green because there was no manager around in the first place :)

To measure is to know.

What can your shift managers learn from each other?

And finally, what action can leaders take to get higher success with their team?


shift workers employee engagement


Why is the Celpax device different?


What separates us from other pulse surveys?

Firstly, the simplicity. Secondly, the aim is to transform and change behaviors.

Further, the frequency.

Let’s say you launch your weekly survey the same week you pay yearly bonuses. The outcome is that your questions will show a more positive result.

And what if your pulse survey asks employees to “Rate their manager” the same week they are given new, uncomfortable, protective gear? Well, you’ll get a more negative result.

Hence, are your people rating the manager? Or rather rating the blo*dy protective shoes they have to wear?

You need a solid baseline to compare to.





Want to show the Celpax to your people?


Here’s a presentation


Employee morale



Smiley feedback terminal Celpax



Celpax reviews



‘We compare our Mood KPI to productivity’


Lean KPI for employee morale

‘It’s amazing how our efficiency index correlates with our Employee Morale KPI”

 A manufacturer’s story 




Continuous Improvement at Metzo


Leadership Skills Examples

“People need to be encouraged to speak out. Even if what they say is not positive”

Leadership skills examples

“Once SAP went live everyone was unhappy.

We realized we had to do refresher trainings.

Our Mood KPI went up again!”



McDonalds change management Philip Shum

Philip Shum
Director, Change Management

Logo McDonalds





Track morale as you implement and manage change 

pulse survey results

Pulse survey results


What companies measure employee morale with a Celpax?

All sorts of organizations!

  • 60 countries
  • From 10 employees to Fortune 500’s
  • All sectors: Factories, Offices, Private, Public, Startups


Employee morale survey



Employee engagement survey

“Instead of a yearly survey, we continuously try to steer in the right direction”

Eugène Kusse, Unilever


Unilever - Real time employee mood



Smiley feedback terminal Celpax





What is the Celpax device?


The Celpax is a physical device that continuously measures how your people feel at work.

Just press a smiley button!

This is about small, incremental changes, week on week that add up to big improvements.

Leaders in 60 countries verify the impact of their leadership actions, day after day.



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