18 Time & Attendance terminals

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Best Time and Attendance Systems – 18 Manufacturers


Time and Attendance systems (TNA) have come a long way since the first punch clock.

The basics remain though.

You need a simple way for employees to let your company know when they start and finish their work shifts.

So what tends to happen?

Employees forget their cards. Or their passwords. I also have fond memories of a time and attendance machine with codes. Lots of them! As in, no one could remember which code to use. Cards can also be misplaced or fall into the wrong hands.

The upside is that your workers don’t have to leave their biometric details.

Privacy questions, hacker scandals, and worker’s individual rights are hot topics.

They’re worth discussing and deciding about. If you’re going down the biometric route, make sure to involve your staff before you make any decisions.

But anyway, I promised you a list of the best time and attendance systems.

Here they are!

18 manufacturer options, in no particular order:


1. TimeMoto

So in a random order, we’re starting with TimeMoto.

All their solutions comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ruling.

This is an important factor for all time and attendance systems. This means that all your data is stored safely and securely.

Check out their options for their different time-clocking systems.

Apart from devices, they also have web applications and a free mobile app so you can keep track of your people.

Prices start at € 349 + tax.

TimeMoto Fingerprint sensor

2. Anviz


Worried about fake photo IDs? Looking for secure identification face recognition terminals?

Anviz offers many biometric control solutions, like Touchless iris solutions.

The devices have a face-capturing of 1 second and a recognition time within 0.5 seconds.

Anviz also offers infrared thermal temperature checks with the Facepass 7.

This could come in handy during COVID-19.

Face recognition terminal


3. Injes

Injes is a Employee Time Clock, Biometric Access Control and Fingerprint Scanner manufacturer.

Their USB Biometric Attendance Machine lets you download the time attendance report directly to a USB pen drive.

The INJES MYH260 employee time clock comes with a built-in backup battery.

It works in all types of environmental conditions. Indoors, outdoors, humid and wet climates, cold…


Fingerprint attendance system


4. Acroprint

Punch card time clocks are of course still in use!

This rugged and durable design can withstand high volume use and harsh environments. These types of models, the “Green Machines” have been around in the industry for ages.

They still work like gold when it comes to employee time clocks and keeping track of your coworkers’ hours.

It continues to get good reviews and is a popular system in manufacturing, the logistic sectors, etc.

Which worker on your team has never missed a punch in 8 years?

Or who was most willing to do overtime this month? Others measure the impact of payday on the employee mood.

mechanical punch clock



5. Tensor

Tensor offers an easy way to eliminate buddy punching.

So what is buddy punching?

That’s when a colleague clocks in for another coworker that should have been on-site, working together with his or her team.

Tensor’s biometric fingerprint reader makes sure that your workers are only paid for the hours they are actually on-site, working.

The other side of it is, what in your company culture allows buddy punching to continue?

If you have a problem with it at the moment, it’s a good idea to open up conversations around it.

Another option is the hand scanner terminal. That means going down the biometric route.

Your hand’s size and shape are used to verify your identity.

Check out their biometric options here.


Biometric reader from Tensor


6. BioTrack

Need a portable employee attendance tracker?

Among many other machines, BioTrack offers one which can hold up to 5000 fingerprints.

It’s waterproof and dustproof.

So it’s prepared for pretty tough conditions like mining, construction and other off-site management needs.

The portable device offers TCP/IP, USB host, GPRS, Wi-Fi, and 3G (WCDMA) connectivity.
employee attendance tracker



7. Matrix Cosec

What is theThe Matrix COSEC?

It’s a pretty popular Time-Attendance hardware that offers solutions from 1 door with 100 employees, up to 1 million users.

It’s an open system that you can integrate with third-party systems.

You can connect devices like motion detectors, fire alarm panels, video surveillance, etc., and external devices like video recorders and sirens to the ports.

Time attendance devices from Matrix Cosec




8. Spica

Spica offers three time clock models: Zone Touch, the industrial Zone Touch version and the Android Time Terminal.

Shift managers can enter their own rules for their department.

They can approve absence requests and oversee their department’s absenteeism, timesheets, overtime, off-site work, etc.

If you’re struggling with absenteeism, check out these ideas for employee engagement during Covid.


best time and attendance systems



9. uAttend

Voice command punching, what do you think for your employees?

Would your management go for it?

Starting at $299, this touch-free time clock uses facial recognition to register attendance.

For an extra hundred bucks, the DR2500 comes with a temperature reader for added workplace safety during Covid.

uAttend reviews include comments like “Very easy to use for training employees. The reporting and ease of use is great!”, over at Capterra.

uAttend also offers cheaper solutions for card time clocks and fingerprint scans.

Overview here.

uattend facial recognition presence- control



10. Kronos

Kronos is one of the biggest industry players when it comes to the best workforce management systems.

The Kronos InTouch DX time clock has a large touch screen.

The time attendance system can be monitored and controlled from a remote location.

Your workers can get access to their individual mode.

This is very handy for your employees when asking for time off, requesting shift changes, viewing accruals, etc.


Kronos clock in device



11. AccuTime

This particular Lite Clocking In Machine is for up to 50 employees.

UK-based AccuTime has several more time and attendance systems.

With this model, employees simply swipe their cards to clock in and out. Choose between two solutions: magnetic swipe cards or keycode entry.

You can put in an unlimited number of work shifts.


And here’s some data-backed research you’re interested in what blue-collar employees want from their leaders.



12. ADP

The time kiosk from ADP makes time and attendance tracking easy with a PIN code. It offers optional face recognition and voice activation.

The ADP Time Kiosk is an application for iPad, Android, Clover Station, and Clover Mini.

Just click the button to start your shift.

Time kiosk for employee attendance


13. Virdi

Virdi offers various biometric like face and iris recognition, and card terminals.

Got very tall employees?

The tilt camera automatically finds and detects your face. That way you don’t have to bend your knees or dive into a lower posture.

Their fingerprint terminal supports mobile key and an integrated camera for pictures.

It comes with live fingerprint detection technology.

fingerprint detection technology



14. ZKTeco

ZKTeco has been in the time attendance industry for the last 30 years. They have many time tracking options and solutions.

The iClock S880 has an ID card capacity of 50.000 and a verification speed of ≤1 second.

Plenty of other ZKTeco terminals from their business to check out over here.

staff clocking in system


15. Lenvica

If you’re looking for a vandal-resistant facial recognition terminal, you might want to read up on the ProFace X from Lenvica. Facial recognition terminal

It boasts 50,000 facial templates and a facial recognition speed of less than 0.3 sec per face.

They also claim the system to have the ultimate anti-spoof ability against almost all types of fake photos and video attacks.

If you’re enduring extreme weather conditions, Lenvica will keep your staff clocking in from cold temperatures as -30°C up to 60°C.

Yikes, that’s cold!


16. AMG

AMG offers fingerprint readers, facial recognition systems, and HandPunch terminals.

With COVID and your workers wearing a mask, you might want to check out the AMG-FRX5 for your attendance needs.

Covid face mask detection time attendance machine

It uses contactless biometric authentication with an anti-spoofing algorithm to avoid buddy punching.

Adding temperature and mask detection in case an employee tries to enter your premises without a Covid face mask.

You can also set the machine to deny access to employees with a temperature, or not wearing a face mask.

Your shift managers get real-time notifications from AMG via email or a mobile app, so they’re aware.

Multiple Verification Methods: Face, Palm, Fingerprint and Password.





17. Timesheet Mobile

You can also use geofence capabilities for your time and attendance system.

This means that when your employees step into the geo-fence location (located on a map), the system will automatically notify you.

It will keep track of the time that your workers are located on the worksite – until they leave.

Timesheet Mobile is a popular choice for Geofence enabled time tracking, scheduling, and team messaging.

You can integrate it with QuickBooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Accounting Suite, Xero or FreshBooks account.

The Timesheet mobile time clock app also has a COVID Self-Screening option.


18. uPUNCH

For $129 you can get the FN1000, an electronic time clock from uPUNCH.

The time attendance system features 6 punches per day to track In, Out, and Break punches. It offers time tracking for unlimited employees.

You can easily see early and late punches from your staff, as they’re highlighted in red.

Just mount the clock card machine on a wall or a table and you’re ready to go.

Perhaps not the most designy option of the different time attendance machines we’ve seen, but hey.

It gets the job done and has an affordable price.

Electronic Time Clock to punch out


Which Is The Best Time and Attendance system?

Those were our 18 suggestions for the best time and attendance machines.

Hope you liked them?

Of course, it would be impossible for us to answer which of these would be best for your company.

There are tons of options for physical workforce time and attendance management systems.

We didn’t venture into mobile apps here, as it would mean your staff would have to download the software to their personal phone.

That tends to be more accepted among office workers, not always in blue-collar environments.

Make sure you get one that fits your business needs (and budget hehe). Involve your employees from the beginning to make sure the adaption goes smoothly.

And do keep an eye out for legal issues.



Smiley feedback terminal Celpax


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