A good installation will generate good data.

If you hang the Celpax in the wrong place it may not give you useful data at all… as people won’t press.

See the graph below?

  • They took a vote from the staff and moved the Celpax from a corridor to the exit door on January 22nd.
  • They also hung it lower down.

THIS result is why we ask you to please follow our instructions for where to hang it :)

participation analysis



Before we activate we need to make sure that:

Medir el ambiente de trabajo en Nissan

  1. You chose the ideal location for your Celpax (LEAVING work, and low down)
  2. Your Celpax is hanging in that place (we will check the signal strength between the Celpax and its transmitter)
  3. The test button flashes green 3 times when you press it

When you’re ready to activate, or if you need extra help, click to email support and we’ll get you up and running.

Click to activate!

Next step:

  1. We will send your dashboard login to confirm that you have installed properly. It might take up to 24 hours as we manually check it with love :)