“Is your device to measure employee mood really free?” the COO asked (part 1)

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“Is your device to measure employee mood really free?”

One Friday we got an email saying ‘I love your concept, could we really use the Celpax device for free?’ “Oh yes!” was our answer.

Here’s Scott’s 1st part of how he got his employees on his Weekly Balanced Scorecard:

Zerorez Minnesota, a US company offering revolutionary cleaning services, had successfully rolled out their Weekly Balanced Scorecard.

They monitor key performance metrics continuously, yet they felt that something was missing:

“We didn’t have anything on our employee engagement”, recalls Scott Oremland, COO.

How can I get my people on our weekly scorecard?

“One day I was poking around on the internet and found this simple way to get a daily pulse on how our employees feel. I found the device fascinating and people at work got really excited about it!”

People Metrics


“I liked the simplicity of just pressing green or red, I didn’t want a 20-question survey no one would ever fill out. And if it’s a pulse survey sent out every Friday then we will never know how our Mondays are. Your last day might have been bad, but maybe not your whole week”, Scott clarifies.

Signing up

“The Celpax was exactly what I was looking for. I then discovered that Celpax sends out one free device. Was it too good to be true?”

After verifying that there really was no charge to try it out, Zerorez decided on an image template and Scott ordered the device online.

“The day I received the box I was like woooow! I took it in my hands and went over to my colleagues to show them”, he continues.

Simple HR dashboard

What if it doesn’t work?

“At some point we actually got skeptical and started thinking “What if we put this in place and it doesn’t work?” he says and points to the box hanging by time clock at Zerorez.

What if it becomes just this thing that sits on the wall and we don’t do anything about it?“, Scott remembers.

The Minnesota based company had doubts if it could stay committed to this new approach:

”It involves everybody in the company and we didn’t want to fail. A week after the Celpax arrived we decided to go for it, as it seemed so simple”, the COO says with a smile.

Employee engagement in real time with Daily Pulse at Zerorez Minnesota

We want to feel like a family

One of the values over at Zerorez is to work hard and have fun.

“We care about each other and want to feel like a family. Measuring the happiness of our workers is in line with this. We want people to come in to work with a purpose and a commitment to wow!”, Scott continues.


“After the decision was made I installed our Celpax. It’s really that easy, you just put it up on the wall!” says Scott.

He then got familiar with the dashboard where the employee mood results from their 150 employees would be displayed.

Scott was anxious to start and the big question was of course:

What would the employee mood be at Zerorez?

Would people press more green or red?


What happened once Scott had installed? Read the next part here.


How the COO found a way to get a Daily Pulse on his employees

In the header photo above:

Maria Martini, Assistant Call Center Manager and Alex Bialke, Commercial Route Manager at Zerorez Minnesota.



hr metrics dashboard

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